Decision time for Mon Valley voters

| Monday, Nov. 4, 2013, 12:01 a.m.

Voters in all area communities will have state and county decisions to make on Tuesday.

In McKeesport, voters will consider nine amendments to the city's Home Rule Charter.

Those amendments could:

• Make the official title for councilor “councilperson.”

• Certify that “any matter not specifically mentioned by the provisions of the charter” is covered by state law and the Third Class City Code.

• Require a councilperson be a city resident for at least a year and not hold any other elected government position.

• Require advertising new fees before council action.

• Require that the mayor not hold any other elected post.

• Replace the city's law department with a solicitor.

• Redefine the powers of the city controller.

• Require that all checks or drafts be executed if they were properly approved.

• Require that all city contracts be approved on at least a biannual basis.

Voters in each of four boroughs, Homestead, Munhall, West Homestead and Whitaker, will consider a 0.33-mill tax to help fund Carnegie Library of Homestead.

Many candidates have no ballot opposition but in some communities there are announced write-in challengers.

Polls will be open on Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Asterisks mark incumbents.

Unless otherwise noted the term is 10 years on county and state benches and four years in municipal, school district and other county offices:


Superior Court (vote for one): Vic Stabile (R), Jack McVay Jr. (D); Superior Court judges seeking retention: *Susan Peikes Gantman, *Jack Panella

Supreme Court justices seeking retention: *Max Baer, *Ronald D. Castille

Allegheny County

Common Pleas Court (vote for four) *Bill Ward (R), Mark V. Tranquilli (R/D), *Paul E. Cozza (R/D), P.J. Murray (R), Jennifer Satler (D), Eleanor Bush (D); Common Pleas judges seeking retention: *Ronald W. Folino, *Kathleen R. Mulligan, *Lawrence J. O'Toole, *Jill E. Rangos, *Christine A. Ward, *John A. Zottola

Council — District 8: Dave Majernik (R), *Charles Martoni (D)

Council — District 9: Kenneth Peoples (R), *Bob Macey (D)

Sheriff: *Bill Mullen (D), Mike Zitelli (Constitution)

Westmoreland County

Common Pleas Court: Meghan Bilik DeFazio (R/D); Common Pleas judge seeking retention: *Christopher A. Feliciani

Coroner: F. Christopher O'Leath (R), *Kenneth Bacha (D)

District Attorney: Peter J. Borghetti (R), *John W. Peck (D)

Prothonotary: Mike Powers (R), *Christina O'Brien (D)

Clerk of Courts: *Bryan L. Kline (R), Dan Blissman (D)

Magisterial District Judge (six-year term)

• District 5-2-13: *Eugene F. Riazzi Jr. (R/D)

• District 5-2-14: *Richard D. Olasz Jr. (R/D)

• District 5-2-16: Guy Reschenthaler. (R/D)

• District 5-2-26: *Beth Scagline-Mills (R/D)



Mayor: *Richard L. Lattanzi (R/D)

Council — Ward 2: *Richard L. Ford III (D)

Council — Ward 3: Lee B. Lasich (R/D)


Mayor: Michelle Vezzani (R/D)

Council (vote for three): *William Snodgrass (R/D), John R. Palcsey (R), *Jay E. McKelvey (R/D), *Barbara J. Stevenson (D)

Tax Collector: *Charles E. Gross (R/D)


Mayor: *Phillip Krivacek (D)

Controller: *Elizabeth A. Kracinovsky (D)

Council (vote for two): *Timothy S. Petrisko, June M. Wilson (both D)

East McKeesport

Mayor: *Robert P. Howard (D)

Council: *Lynn Rosenbayger Brown, John M. Ekiert, Linda L. Nolan, *Peter McGinty (all D)

Tax Collector: *Robert Ferrainolo (D)

• Elizabeth

Mayor: *David G. Householder (R), V. Ann Malady (D)

Council (vote for four): *Larry Duvall (R), *Robin Miller (R), *Paula Stevens (R), Winona Dobrich (R), Chad Rager (D), *V. Ann Malady (D), Charles Smith Jr. (D), Devie J. Rollison (D)

Tax Collector: Michael J. Glowinski (R), *Robin Schmidt (D)

• Elizabeth Township

Commissioner — Ward 2: Paul D. Saxon (R/D)

Commissioner — Ward 4: *Joanne Beckowitz (R/D)

Commissioner — Ward 6: Robert E. Rhoderick Jr. (R/D)

Tax Collector: Mary E. Walos (R), Dana L. Evans (D)

• Forward Township

Supervisor (6-year, vote for one): David Magiske (R/D)

Auditor: No one filed for 6-year, 4-year or 2-year posts.

• Glassport

Mayor: Rosemary Bradley (R/D)

Council (vote for three): Elaina Skiba (R/D), Blaise Wojton (R), *Paul J. Trunzo (D), *Eugene S. Skerkoski (D)

Tax Collector: *Jennifer Pasinski Bell (R/D)


Mayor: *Betty Esper (D)

Council-At Large: *Lynette Mariner (D)

Council-Ward 1: *Lloyd Cunningham (D); (two-year seat) Wanda E. Burrell

Council-Ward 2: *Donald P. Turner (D)

Council-Ward 3: *Drew Borcik (D)

Tax Collector: Joyce Stype (D)


Mayor: *Daniel T. Rose (R/D)

Council (vote for four): *Peggie Watson (R/D), *John Cassandro (R/D), *Gail Macioce (R/D), *Phyllis Thiem (D)

Tax Collector: Len Cole (R), *Lois Bennett (D)

• Jefferson Hills

Mayor: *Jan Cmar (R/D)

Council (vote for four): *David T. Montgomery, Melissa Barclay, *Christopher King, *Vickie Lynn Ielase (all R/D)

Tax Collector: *Josephine Lipnicky (R/D)

• Liberty

Mayor: M. Jane Weigand (R/D)

Council (vote for four): *S. Larry Sikorski, Mark A. Suckfiel, Jennifer A. Riley, Christopher D. Gretz (all R/D)

Tax Collector: *Shelley D. Aquilante (D)

• Lincoln

Mayor: James J. Beisler (D)

Council (vote for two): *Tammy W. Firda (D), *Mark E. Betzner (D); (two-year seat) *Ruth A. Kvasnak (D)

Tax Collector: Loretta A. Perozich (D)

• McKeesport

Controller: Harry C. Walsh (D), *Raymond Malinchak (Independent)

Council (vote for three): *Jamie Brewster-Filotei, James T. Barry Jr., *V. Fawn Walker-Montgomery (all D)

• Munhall

Mayor: *Raymond G. Bodnar (R/D)

Council (vote for four): *Harvey Inglis (R/D), Rick Brennan (D), *Richard J. Votedian (D), *Rob Falce (D)

Tax Collector: Diane L. Garrity-Pawlowski (R), *Donna J. Mercuri (D)

• North Huntingdon Township

Commissioner – Ward 2: *Zachary Haigis (R), Anthony Gockel (D)

Commissioner – Ward 4: *Richard Gray (R/D)

Commissioner – Ward 6: Thomas G. Krause (D)

Tax Collector: *Shelley R. Buchanan (R/D)

• North Irwin

Mayor: *James Douglas (R/D)

Council (vote for four): Paul John McIntyre (D)

Tax Collector: Maureen P. LaVerde (D)

• North Versailles Township

Commissioner — Ward 2: Joseph Kutch (R), *Daryl Mitchell (D)

Commissioner — Ward 4: *Samuel Juliano (R/D)

Commissioner — Ward 6: Vince Paradine (R/D) (Judy Slater has announced a write-in campaign.)

Tax Collector: *Mary Ann Fetsick (R/D)

• Pleasant Hills

Mayor: Robert S. Bootay III (R/D)

Council (vote for four): *Robert Karcher (R), *William D. Trimbath (R), *Regis Brown (R), Jeffrey E. Solomon (D)

Tax Collector: Linda Fancsali (R), Sandra Pikula (D)

• Port Vue

Mayor: *Brien A. Hranics (R/D)

Council (vote for four): Mark Nemeth (R), Brent E. Kovac (R), Pamela D. Myers (R/D), *Mark D. Tortorice (R/D), *Doug Junecko (D), *Frank Cortazzo (D)

Tax Collector: *Sheila DiGiorgio (D)

• South Versailles Township

Commissioner (vote for three): *John P. Warabak (D)

Tax Collector: Sherry A. Kahler (D)

• Versailles

Mayor: *James J. Fleckenstein (R/D)

Council (vote for four): *Dennis B. Keefe (R), Lisa Fleckenstein (R/D), *Emerson Fazekas (D), *Linda Sheedy (D), *Cheryl Flaherty (D) (Evelyn Coddington has announced a write-in campaign.)

Tax Collector: Charisse Richards (D)

• Wall

Mayor: No one filed

Council (vote for three): *John Dusak, *Thomas J. Wratcher (both D)

Tax Collector: *Melissa Swidorsky (D)

• West Elizabeth

Mayor: *Ralph P. Harrington (R), Susan Bowers-Pershing (D)

Council (vote for four): Scott A. Magill (R), *Louise A. Biddle (D), Raymond Dodds (D), *Lisa Morris (D), *Ray A. Armstrong Sr. (D); (two-year seat) Janet Isaacs (D)

Tax Collector: *Robert N. Welty (D)

Auditor (six-year): Linda Reesey (D); (four-year) no one filed

• West Homestead

Mayor: *John J. Dindak

Council (vote for four): *David A. Harhai, *Ashley Nicole Cain, *William Stasko, *Margaret Chervenak Holder (all D); (two-year seat) John J. Karafa Jr. (D)

Tax Collector: *Lisa J. Guckes (D)

• West Mifflin

Mayor: John Edward Koczka (R), *Chris Kelly (D)

Council (vote for four): Jay Goonetilleke (R), John Edward Koczka (R), *Michael J. Olack (D), *Scott Stephenson (D), Joyce Steiner Kushner (D), Dan Davis (D)

Tax Collector: Jay Goonetilleke (R), *Richard A. Allen (D)

• Whitaker

Mayor: *David G. Sabol (D)

Council (vote for four): *Edward J. Morrissey, *Albert Race, *David Funk, *Michael N. Bogesdorfer (all D)

Tax Collector: Patricia A. Pasquantonio (D)

• White Oak

Mayor: *Ina Jean Marton (R)

Council (vote for four): *Edward Babyak (R), Joseph Nagy (R), *Carrie Verbanick-Noll (R), Richard Bryce (R), *Kenneth S. Robb (D), Matthew W. Keller (D), Anthony E. Villinger (D), Fred Haynes (D)

Tax Collector: Dawn M. Conn (R), Lisa M. Pitchford (D)

• Wilmerding

Mayor: James R. Wright (D)

Council (vote for three): *John A. Thomas, *Sandra M. Smith, *Stephen W. Shurgot (all D); (two-year seat) no one filed.

Tax Collector: Frank J. Tylka (D)

School Boards

Baldwin-Whitehall (vote for four): David J. Solenday, Karen L. Brown, *Martin Michael Schmotzer, Elliot Rambo (all R/D)

Clairton City

At Large (two year): *Gloria E. Bostick Ruffing (R/D)

Region 1: *Barbara Ann Roberts (D)

Region 2: *Gloria L. James (D)

Region 3: *Richard Livingston (R/D)

Region 4: *Paulette A. Bradford (D)

Duquesne City

At Large (vote for four): *DeWayne Tucker, *Rosia Reid, *Theresa Thomas, *Laura E. Elmore (all D)

At Large-2 year (vote for one): No one filed.

East Allegheny

Region 2: *Stephen M. Volpe (R/D)

Region 3: *Roxanne Sakoian Eichler (R/D)

Region 4: Jacqueline L. Gates (R/D)

Region 7: *Frank B. Pearsol III (R/D)

• Elizabeth Forward (vote for four): *Dorothy A. Wycoff (R/D), Francis Joseph Posa (R/D), *Scott A. McVicker (R/D), Jamie O. Evans (R), *Mary C. Scarry (D)

• McKeesport Area (vote for four): *Thomas P. Maglicco (R/D), *Patricia A. Maksin (R/D), Scott P. Smith (R/D), Patti Wells Gruber (R), *Trisha Gadson (D)

• Norwin (vote for four): Al Lynn, *Barbara Viola, *Don Rhodes, *Becky Gediminskas (all R/D)

• South Allegheny (vote for four): *Louis J. Borrelli, *Peter Miller Jr., *Dino DeFelice and Lavina F. Kerklo (all R/D)

• Steel Valley

At Large (vote for three): Coyleen Steele, *Susan Ballas, *Michael Terrick (all R/D)

Region 1 (vote for one): *Colette R. Youngblood (D)

• West Jefferson Hills (vote for four): *David Graham, *Carolyn Bourgeois, John F. Hosmer, *Anna Louise Lilley (all R/D)

• West Mifflin Area (vote for four): *Phil Shar (R/D), *Nicholas Alexandroff (R), Erin O'Leary White (R/D), Gina Caito (R/D), *Michael T. Price Jr. (D)

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