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Pitcairn fourth-graders describe which rules they would make for adults

Lillian DeDomenic | For The Times Express
Dillon Lawrence, Nathan Pepper, Kaycee Tokarsky, Miranda Lightner, and Anthony Caracciolo, fourth graders in Miss Julie Rieg's class at Pitcairn Propel School, discuss their answers to this weeks class question for the Times Express.

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Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

We touched base with fourth-graders at Propel Pitcairn and asked them, if they were running things, which rule they would make for grown-ups. Here's what some of the youngsters had to say:

Dillon Lawrence: “If I had power over adulthood, I would make a rule that grown-ups must allow kids to watch horror movies. Since kids need to learn self-defense, horror movies have humans defending themselves against the undead. When you are camping, everyone likes a scary story, and horror movies will give them new stories to tell. Kids always complain when you say, ‘No,' so if you let them watch one, they will be pleasant.”

Miranda Lightner: “My rule is that grown-ups have to let kids act like grown-ups. You should let kids act like grown-ups because if your kid has a younger brother or sister, we could help them so you could relax. Since you never have enough time to do anything, kids could go to the mall and the grocery store to buy what grown-ups need. We should be allowed to use the oven and stove because kids are picky, and adults never care what they eat.”

Cameron Smith: “Grown-ups cannot make kids eat vegetables because they have crazy colors on them, and they have funny shapes. And they have an ugly taste and take too long to cook up. Kids do not want vegetables.”

Savanna Franklin: “Grown-ups should stop bossing kids around about cleaning the house because cleaning up around the house gets kids more frustrated and gets grown-ups more stressed out because the kids don't want to clean! Kids should make their own choices and leave a big mess after them so the grown-ups can clean up after us!”

Elliot Morgan: “My No. 1 rule is that grown-ups must buy children a car when they're 16. I think this is a good rule for grown-ups because we will buy you many nice dresses and jewelry. Another reason why grown-ups should give us a car when we're 16 is we will take good care of you when you get older. The best reason is that you don't have to pick us up from school, and we will pay for the gas bill.”

Amarie Hempfield: “My rule would be grown-ups can't give kids homework. Since kids spend a lot of time in school, why should they have to do homework? Grown-ups say to get active, but giving us homework is another way we can't stay healthy. Since kids have to do homework, kids never have time for anything else. If grown-ups wouldn't make kids do their homework, the world would become a peaceful place.”

Jason Barnes: “The rule I would choose is grown-ups are not allowed to boss kids around. Given that I do so much, I should learn myself what to do and what not to do, but you should be able to make some rules, like after school is family game time.”

Nicholai Zilko: “If I could have one rule, it would be to make grown-ups have to do my homework so all I will have to do is play video games. This rule will let me have more time for football, and it will get us out of reading.”

Lily Long: “My rule is grown-ups cannot make kids eat vegetables because I really don't like some vegetables at all. If you don't like this rule, well, I have a lot more that I could tell you about because, trust me, if you are the only child like me doing all of the chores with no brothers or sisters to help you, you're going to have to make a couple of rules.”

Nathan Pepper: “My rule would be grown-ups can't force you to stay inside. It's good for kids to get extra time outside. Because kids get so bored inside of the house, they should be outside having fun. If kids stay inside too much, they will become unhealthy.”

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