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Handing out hardware to end the year.

| Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012, 12:02 a.m.

2012 wrestling awards

2012 is nearly in the books, and it is time to look back and reflect on what happened.

Feel free to email your opinions as well as predictions for 2013.

Wrestler of the year – CM Punk. Is there any question? He held the most prestigious title in wrestling for the entire calendar year and had classic bouts with Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena, to name a few.

Tag team of the year – Kane and Bryan. Based off of the length of their title reign as well as their entertainment value.

Newcomer of the year – Damian Sandow. The easy pick would be Ryback, but I will go with Sandow. The guy is going to be a star.

Match of the year – Undertaker versus Triple H, Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania. There were several matches that were in the running, but it is impossible to not go with this bout. It took place at Mania and when you factor in Shawn Michaels as the referee, it was nothing short of phenomenal. Billed as “End of an Era”, it was worth the price of Mania by itself.

Show of the year – Money in the Bank. I gave Mania and TLC some consideration, but MitB gets the nod.

Punk vs. Ryback?

This past Monday, the WWE announced that Ryback will challenge Punk for the WWE title on the January 7th edition of Raw in a TLC match, but will the bout actually take place?

Would the WWE actually give away this bout on free TV?

Not only that, but how could the WWE realistically come to an actual finish for the bout?

Punk will not lose the title this close to a matchup with the Rock at the Royal Rumble, and Ryback has to be protected from multiple losses.

20th anniversary of Raw

The WWE will celebrate 20 years of Raw on January 14th.

No information has been announced as to what matches will take place or who will appear, but considering that the Undertaker wrestled on the first edition of Raw and lives in Houston, the “Dead Man” might appear.

The show will not receive the plugs like Raw 1,000 did earlier this year, but expect something big to happen leading towards the Rumble and Mania.

Survivor Series bombs

The numbers are in for for the WWE's November PPV, Survivor Series, and they aren't good.

The show drew 212,000 buys, down from 281,000.

This year's show was headlined by the triple threat match for the WWE title between Punk, Cena, and Ryback, while last year, Cena teamed with the Rock to take on the Miz and R-Truth.

The 2010 edition was headlined by Randy Orton and Wade Barrett facing off for the WWE title, and the event drew 244,000 buys.

Happy New Year!

I wish all of you the happiest and safest of New Year's!

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