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Cena, Bryan ... or Randy Orton?

| Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, 12:01 a.m.

Tomorrow night, the WWE presents its second biggest PPV of the year, SummerSlam.

The main event will feature John Cena defending the WWE title against Daniel Bryan, but will Randy Orton be waiting in the wings to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase?

Word is that Cena will be having surgery sometime this coming week on his elbow, so all signs point to the WWE title changing hands.

The only question is, if the belt does change hands, who walks out of SummerSlam with it?

If I had to venture a guess, I would say Bryan wins and then Orton cashes in to win the title.

It would give Bryan a huge feather in his proverbial cap and allow him to soak in the adulation of not only his fans but the Cena haters.

However, an Orton win would allow Bryan to gain sympathy from the crowd and give Orton his long desired turn into a “bad guy” as well as his first title reign in 23 months.

Then again, maybe the WWE leaked the info on Cena's surgery to throw fans off.

He could walk out of the show with the title and hold it for a while longer, or he could lose it the next night on Raw.

Regardless of what happens, look for the feud between Triple H, the ref for the Cena and Bryan bout, and Vince McMahon to go full throttle.

In the other top match, Brock Lesnar faces C.M. Punk in an intriguing bout with an interesting plot to come out of the match.

More on it next week.

Sheamus injured

Don't look for Sheamus to wrestle anytime soon.

He took his labrum at the Money in the Bank PPV and will have to have multiple surgeries.

Sheamus will be out a reported four to six months, and I would expect him and the WWE to push for a surprise return at the Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh.

Power of WrestleMania

The WWE released its second quarter numbers recently, and once again Mania carried the weight for the company.

Mania 29 provided WWE with $17.9 million in profit, second all-time to Mania 28 which took in $19.1 million.

Mania 27 is third as made $16.7 million in profit.

Tickets for Mania 30, which takes place in New Orleans, go on sale in early November.

Other WWE financials

Also from the WWE's quarter report, the WWE saw 78.1 percent of its breakdown from North America proving how the WWE has become even more dependent on the North American market.

Also, profit from live events rose to $19.1 million for the quarter while the WWE saw a huge decrease in PPV business.

WWE's use ofRob Van Dam

While Rob Van Dam has been wrestling regularly on TV, he has not been put into a major feud as of yet.

The reason?

Van Dam's new contract specifically states that he will wrestle for 90 days before getting some time off and eventually returning to the company.

Not too shabby of a contract, if you can get it!

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