Fifth-graders predict the stories that will unfold in 2013

| Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013, 9:48 p.m.

Curious about what to expect from the world in 2013?

Well, you could scan the Web for predictions from pundits in technology, foreign-affairs, sports, economics, and science — or you could ask the fifth-graders at Heritage Elementary School for their predicitions for the upcoming year. We chose the latter option, and we weren't surprised to recieve prognostications that are, overall, on par with what many of the so-called expects are forecasting for the upcoming year. Here's what the local youngsters expect from the coming year.

Jimmy Matus: I think that in 2013, I will get a buck or doe for the first time.

Shaun Downey: I predict that the wars are going to end in the world, and they will get rid of all of the assault rifles, and they will get rid of the bombs, too.

Ethan Fagan: I predict in 2013, World War III will start. I predict it will start in Iran. I predict it will start because Iran has nuclear weapons.

Michael Marcinizyn: I hope there will not be a nuke dropped on the world. And I hope Mountain Dew will taste even better.

Kori Langdon: There is going to be an amusement park that is dedicated to all candy and cake. The best part about it will be the Bubble Gum Lake.

Anna Damico: I predict people will make a new fruit.

Robyn Statam: I predict my mom will finally be able to plant vegetables in her garden.

Caleb Glunt: There will be more jobs. There are going to be cars that fly 5 feet off the ground because there is a car that already hovers off the ground.

Anthony Bonacci: My prediction for 2013 is to have holographic televisions. I think this is because tech is getting more advanced every year.

Taylor Levin: I think more people will start to get pets.

Adam McCann: In 2013, I think I will go to the PJW States. PJW stands for Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling.

Alex Hutsko: In 2013, they are going to come up with a new Xbox 720. I think it will explode.

Kate Alexander: I think they will finally find a cure for cancer in 2013.

Abbie Applegate: In 2013, scientists will be able to find more cures for cancer. They will be able to help and save lives.

Nancy Lin: The trees will start growing wild-colored leaves like gold, pink, blue and turquoise.

Haley Nero: I predict that childhood poverty will end.

Joseph Lasher: I think the world is going to get better economically and physically. But there is still going to be warfare.

Hannah Morgan: I predict that someone will invent a new ice cream flavor that everyone will want.

Alyssa Baver: There will be a new ice cream flavor called Rainbow Fudge Blast.

Thomas Jack: Apple will make a new kind of tablet. It will be an iPad that you can fold into a phone. It will come in black, white and gray, and it will be very lightweight.

Ava Kruch: I think that technology will be more advanced. Also, hopefully, they will find a way to get rid of stinkbugs.

Connor Helm: All Pittsburgh sports teams will make it to the playoffs. They all might make it to the Stanley Cup, the Super Bowl and the World Series! Let's go, Pittsburgh!

Ben Wohlin: I predict that Andrew McCutchen will have the best batting average in MLB history and will win the MVP award. Then the Pirates will win the World Series. Neil Walker will have the most homeruns in MLB history.

Michael Galligan: The Redskins will go to the Super Bowl and RG III will go down in history.

Lizzie Kemerer: I think there will be new achievements. There will be new records and new shows. There will be new beliefs and more opinions.

Graham Klemstine: I think people will use solar power and be more ecosafe to the environment.

Jordyn Eckert: I predict that global warming is going to get worse. Also, because of global warming, the South Pole is going to melt, and Los Angeles is going to be underwater.

Bella Hart: Global warming will come to an end, and the ice glaciers will re-form to provide polar animals, such as penguins and polar bears, a home to thrive in again.

Jocelyn Wilson: In the year 2013, Antarctica will begin to shrink because of global warming. I also think that more polar bears will die because their icebergs are melting, and they can't swim far enough before they drown.

Evelyn Siler: I predict the world will have a new beginning. You see, everything has a life cycle, and the world could have one, too. The weather starts to cool again, in spite of global warming, while along our world's atmosphere is beautiful, fresh nature.

Brianna Kraus: I think it will be a really long way to Christmas again. It will, hopefully, be a year of keeping the world clean. It will be a fresh new start for a great year!

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