Sewickley Herald seeking nominations for annual Man, Woman, Citizen of the Year honors

| Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013, 12:01 a.m.

It's time again to focus a spotlight on the community members who make the Sewickley Valley a better place to live.

The community once again is invited to help us select the Sewickley Herald's Man, Woman and Citizen of the Year.

From now until March 15, we'll look for recommendations of those who have given unselfishly to the community.

Send us a few paragraphs detailing the achievements of the individual or group you'd like to recommend.

Include your name, telephone number and email address so we can learn more about your choice.

Letters can be sent to Sewickley Herald editor Debra Utterback, 504 Beaver St., Sewickley, PA 15143 or emailed to

Honorees will be named in the March 21 edition of the Sewickley Herald.

On April 19, the Herald will host its annual honors dinner at the Edgeworth Club.

From the beginning 35 years ago, B.G. Shields, then editor of the Herald, created the event to honor select residents who had contributed above and beyond.

• 1976: Gloria Berry and District Justice James Russo

• 1977: John Simpson, Anne Patton

• 1978: The Rev. Jackson Gabany, Ann Wardrop, Robert Lunn

• 1979: Marvin Wedeen, Bam Behrer

• 1980: David Nimick, Terry Webb, Joseph Palmer

• 1981: William Wolf, Mary Louise Johnson, Raymond Hess Jr.

• 1982: Ed Schroth, Peggy Rea, J. Judson Brooks

• 1983: William Moore, Jean Bush, Committee for a Better Sewickley

• 1984: Frederick Way Jr., Natasha Soroka Green, Walter Iacobucci

• 1985: Dr. Robert Fusco, Helen Quinn, The Doctors Band

• 1986: Leo Moss, Mim Bizic, Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Ferguson

• 1987: James Chaplin III, Bettie Cole, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Colbert

• 1988: Mario Melodia, Pat Pearson, Samuel Mahood

• 1989: George F. Barber, Liza Nevin, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Metzger

• 1990: G. Whitney Snyder, Mary Beth Pastorius, Florence Forsythe

• 1991: Michael Zahorchak, Susan Craig, The Sewickley Singers

• 1992: Dr. Sidney Selkovits, Anne Phipps, Neighbors Helping Neighbors

• 1993: James Addison, Phyllis Semple, James Theys

• 1994: William M. Kelly, Shirley Stevens, Committee to Save the Sewickley Clock Tower

• 1995: Ken Johns, Bonnie Casper, founders of SewickleyNET (Dr. Robert Fusco, Mim Bizic and Quaker Valley School District's Joseph Marrone)

• 1996: Donald Spalding, Cynthia Giles, Flossie Manning

• 1997: Frederic Potts, Judy Sherry, Reyne O'Shaughnessy Goetz

• 1998: Lew Safran, Pam Wright, Founders of The Belfry

• 1999: The Board of Trustees of Sewickley Public Library, Mary Jane Williams

• 2000: Lou Valenzi, Peggy Standish and Susan Gaca, Kevin Flannery

• 2001: John Alexander, Agnes Pangburn, Marge Bennett

• 2002: Tony Cicco, Carroll Logsdon, Leetsdale Community Activities Association

• 2003: Dr. Richard Bowers, Margaret Marshall and Jim and Pat Cavalier

• 2004: John Hayes, Joan Murdoch and Harton Semple Jr.

• 2005: Richard Smith, Shirley Wormsley and the Senior Men's Club

• 2006: Marty McDaniel, Paula Sculley and Tamra Piccolo on behalf of Sewickley Valley Hospital Auxiliary

• 2007: Bill Logsdon, Robin and Ding Hayes, and Regis Bobonis Sr.

• 2008: Joseph Zemba, Susan Kaminski and the Quaker Valley Recreation Association

• 2009: Bill Boswell, Rita Hoepp, Barbara Cooley Thaw

• 2010: Tim Merrill, Andrea Zimmerman, Union Aid Society

• 2011: Jim Bouchard, Sharron Schaefer, Village Green Partners (Jennifer Markus and Kirsten Recker)

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