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Datz advances at WPIAL Class AA wrestling tournament

| Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012

Southmoreland junior Dakota Datz did the one thing he wanted to accomplish Friday night at the WPIAL Class AA wrestling tournament.

Datz, one of three Scotties to reach Saturday's semifinals and qualify for next week's PIAA Southwest Regional, upset Chartiers-Houston senior Joey Congie, 4-2, in the 182-pound quarterfinals. He'll face returning champion and No. 1 seed Dakota DesLauriers from Burrell in the semifinals at 11:30 a.m.

The finals are slated for 7 p.m., and the consolation finals are 5 p.m.

It was surely a better first night for Datz than a year ago, when he was eliminated after two matches.

"That's a big step for me," Datz said. "My goal was to advance to Johnstown, and I did. I'd like to make it to Hershey in two weeks (for states)."

Datz had a first-period takedown to grab a 2-0 lead. He gave up a two-point reversal in the second period but secured an escape before the buzzer for a 3-2 lead. Congie let him free in the final period.

"That's the first time I've met him," Datz said. "Getting the first takedown in a match is always important."

Freshman Austin Griffiths (106 pounds) and returning champion Jordan Kitta (195) also reached the semifinals for Southmoreland. Griffiths will face Burgettstown sophomore Austin McDermitt, and Kitta gets Chartiers-Houston's Dylan Shultz-Terling in the quarterfinals. Griffiths and Kitta posted first-period finals.

All three Charleroi wrestlers — Aaron Toth (126), Josh Kwasny (132) and Nick Gavazzi (138) — reached the semifinals, as did No. 1 and three-time WPIAL and PIAA champion Jimmy Gulibon (126).

Gulibon's teammate, No. 2 Cody Weinell, was pinned by Blackhawk senior Troy Braddock in the quarterfinals. Weinell, who's battled shoulder problems his entire career, said he hopes to have a strong finish to his career.

"Right now, my goal is to get to Hershey," said Weinell, who will compete in the consolation rounds today. "That's how I want to end my high school career. I just hope the shoulder holds up."

His father Mike Weinell, who also his is coach, said Cody will have surgery March 30 to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder.

"It's been tough to watch him suffer through the injury," Mike Weinell said. "His body isn't allowing him to wrestle at his potential."

Burrell had four wrestlers reach the semifinals: Steven Edwards (132), Phil Marra (138), Kevin Best (152) and DesLauriers. Mt. Pleasant's Jonah Long (220) also reached the semifinals with a first-period pin.

Class AA tournament results

Friday — At Chartiers Valley

First round

106: Austin Griffiths, Southmoreland, bye; Kevin Chaussard, South Fayette, d. Jason Roberts, Burrell, 5-2; Austin McDermitt, Burgettstown, p. Sheldon Phillips, West Greene, 1:03; Cody Charles, Yough, d. Brody Trumbull, Kittanning, 6-2; Richie McGinnis, Chartiers-Houston, p. Andy Lowry, Riverview, :48; Brendan Howard, Jefferson-Morgan, p. Camden Anderson, Keystone Oaks, :59; Jake Rothka, Bentworth, m.d. Chris Flynn, South Side Beaver, 13-0; Pat Dewitt, Valley, p. Kris Zoretich, Blackhawk, :23.

113: Jason Nolf, Kittanning, bye; Teddy Charletta, Yough, p. John Dennis, Burgettstown, 3:47; Evan Ban, Carlynton, p. Megan Moroney, Riverview, 1:10; Zach Swarrow, Beth-Center, bye; Seth Carr, South Fayette, p. Jake Willochell, Derry, 4:12; Josiah Hughes, Valley, d. Matt Vickless, Bentworth, 5-3; Miguel Morales, South Allegheny, d. Cody Teagardner, South Park, 11-5; John Demaske, Jefferson-Morgan, p. Matt Pavlick, Freedom, 1:59.

120: Nate Reckner, South Side Beaver, bye; Kendric Moore, Highlands, p. Joey Beltz, Southmoreland, 2:44; Nate Robb, Kittanning, p. Justin Mayberry, Laurel, :59; Trevor Wood, Bentworth, bye; Brett Beltz, Keystone Oaks, p. Dante Botti, Yough, 1:40; Jake Braddock, Blackhawk, p. Daniel Kinney, Derry, 1:23; Darion Trimmer, Avonworth, m.d. Logan Ellek, Fort Cherry, 9-0; Jason Miller, Jefferson-Morgan, t.f. Max Prizant, Shady Side Academy, 15-0 (3:07).

126: Jimmy Gulibon, Derry, bye; Derek Bowser, Kittanning, p. Jay Steigel, Carlynton, 2:44; Wade Blackmon, West Greene, p. Kurt Kitzman, Freedom, 3:07; Shane Black, Jefferson-Morgan, p. Omar Boozer, Summit Academy, 5:03; Steven Kotouch, Burgettstown, m.d. Zach Wolford, Burrell, 12-4; Aaron Toth, Charleroi, d. Nolan Wise, Shady Side Academy, 3-0; Vince Vahaly, Bentworth, p. Pete Ellefson, Blackhawk, :37; Nick Zanetta, Keystone Oaks, p. Jordan Lemanski, Ellwood City, 1:53.

132: Josh Kwasny, Charleroi, bye; Pete Provenzano, Chartiers-Houston, d. Wes Bartholemew, Avonworth, 7-5; Christian Emminger, Kittanning, p. Zack Zimmerman, Derry, 2:38; Ryan Abbott, Burgettstown, p. George Liberatore, Bentworth, :41; Steven Edwards, Burrell, p. Max Miller, Central Valley, 2:56; Ryan Zalar, Jefferson-Morgan, p. Nick Derenzo, South Park, 3:39; Jason Stay, Beth-Center, d. James Jackson, Valley, 7-2; Shane Gentry, South Side Beaver, p. Logan Ausman, Keystone Oaks, 3:33.

138: Nick Gavazzi, Charleroi, bye; Joey Pershina, Fort Cherry, p. Drew Trybus, Keystone Oaks, 5:48; Nick Kusich, Avella, p. Shane King, Laurel, 3:59; Tyler Minarchin, South Allegheny, d. Nico Brown, Beth-Center, 5-2; David Dedola, Carlynton, m.d. Brent Ingram, Kittanning, 9-0; Ethan Charlesworh, Mt. Pleasant, p. Caleb Whelan, Riverview, 5:46; George Rogers, Washington, p. Brandon Keck, South Fayette, 5:59; Philip Marra, Burrell, p. Dan Wiesen, South Side Beaver, 1:02.

145: Corey Faleroni, Burrell, bye; Taylor Wentzel, South Park, t.f. Jarrett Dorazio, Derry, 17-1 (5:44); Matt Riggle, Beth-Center, m.d. D.J. Lockett, Valley, 16-4; Boe Bonzo, Freedom, p. Tyler Murphy, Riverview, 1:02; Matt Johnston, West Greene, p. Harley Peterson, Laurel, 5:20; Taylor Jack, Kittanning, p. Grant Fetchet, South Fayette, 5:32; John Nice, Summit Academy, m.d. Jason Perkins, Jefferson-Morgan, 9-1; Tanner Sutton, Chartiers-Houston, bye.

152: Jared Walker, South Fayette, bye; Cole Murtha, Mt. Pleasant, p. Brenden Glover, Elderton, 5:25; Marcus Davenport, Valley, d. Heath Nye, Freedom; 7-4; Kurt Struwe, Beaver, m.d. Doug Stange, Yough, 9-1; Kevin Best, Burrell, p. Shawn Hughes, Washington, :43; Connor Payne, South Side Beaver, p. Jake Magill, Bentworth, 1:41; Troy Braddock, Blackhawk, p. Elliot Zydonik, Kittanning, 1:29; Cody Weinell, Derry, bye.

160: Francis Mizia, Bentworth, bye; Joey Luisi, Chartiers-Houston, m.d. Nathan Watt, Kittanning, 9-1; Austin Mears, Mt. Pleasant, d. Brian Brown, Elderton, 8-4; Matt Abbott, Burgettstown, m.d. Ian Malis, Derry, 15-2; Dylan Clark, Valley, d. Aidan Talorico, Beaver, 4-0; Wade Durbin, West Greene, p. Jake Biscup, Central Valley, 3:59; Brandon Lesko, Jefferson-Morgan, p. Jeff Houston, Riverview, 4:39; Mike Fetchet, South Fayette, p. Zach Mazur, Highlands, 3:15.

170: Dustin Conti, Jefferson-Morgan, bye; Derrick Beattie, Burrell, p. Tanner Palmer, Central Valley, 1:07; Zach Simonelli, Avella, m.d. Pat Corcoran, North Catholic, 11-0; Jack Previte, South Fayette, p. Kyle Cline, Bentworth, 1:33; Zac Croyle, Kittanning, p. Brad Roberts, Burgettstown, :56; Lucas Richardson, Yough, p. Justin Dean, Carlynton, 3:14; Eli Holt, Mt. Pleasant, m.d. Austin Roncher, Elderton, 11-0; Garrett Vulcano, Chartiers-Houston, p. Tristen Kubrick, Valley, :13.

182: Dakota DesLauriers, Burrell, bye; Justin Tkach, Fort Cherry, d. Harley Hubbs, West Greene, 3-1; Dakota Datz, Southmoreland, p. Tucker Glover, Elderton, 3:03; Joey Congie, Chartiers-Houston, p. Matt Morton, Keystone Oaks, 3:56; Joe Phillips, Jefferson-Morgan, bye; Terrell Fields, Valley, p. Brad Haney, South Fayette, 1:40; Toby Schreckengost, Kittanning, p. Gary Fallecker, Yough, 5:02; Zeke Stroupe, Freedom, p. Jake Hoyman, Derry, 2:39.

195: Jordan Kitta, Southmoreland, bye; Mitch Paskorz, Riverview, d. Mike Shildt, South Fayette, 11-6; Dylan Shultz-Terling, Chartiers-Houston p. Jerry Koza, Yough, :40; Seth Hitchens, South Allegheny, d. Jacob Yurko, Mt. Pleasant, 3-1; Tyler Cousins, Freedom, bye; Kyle Gray, Mapletown, p. Qamar Tinsley, Summit Academy, 1:41; Jacob Temple, Avella, p. Ed Heinle, Beaver, 1:51; Allan Cratsenberg, Highlands, bye.

220: Greg Kumer, Fort Cherry, bye; Zach Holmes, Beth-Center, d. Cory Klems, Burrell, 8-3; John Lemon, Valley, p. Bryce Christoff, South Fayette, 5:27; Cody Jacobs, West Greene, p. Ryan Podgorski, South Park, 2:32; Thomas Sever, Yough, p. Kyle Givens, Summit Academy, 4:35; Jake Fordyce, Bentworth, d. Roger Vigliotti, Burgettstown, 8-2; Regis McGill, Riverview, p. Jimmy Saieva, Chartiers-Houston, :38; Jonah Long, Mt. Pleasant, p. Logan Platt, Highlands, 1:34.

285: Corey Garry, Fort Cherry, bye; Jake Barker, Bentworth, d. J.T. Naviglia, Burrell, 4-0; Christian Williams, Yough, p. Jake Turley, Central Valley, 2:57; Kyre Strickland, Valley, p. Ethan Winkle, South Side Beaver, 1:12; Brian Rush, Jefferson-Morgan, p. Anthony Donatelli, North Catholic, :27; Nate Grandelis, Chartiers-Houston, p. David Grafton, Kittanning, 1:26; Nik Sappie, Carlynton, p. Adam Beich, Derry, 1:41; Kenyatta McCloud, Summit Academy, p. Trevin Bedilion, West Greene, 2:52.


106: Austin Griffiths, Southmoreland, p. Kevin Chaussard, South Fayette, :36; Austin McDermitt, Burgettstown, p. Cody Charles, Yough, :26; Brendan Howard, Jefferson-Morgan, d. Richie McGinnis, Chartiers-Houston, 6-2; Pat Dewitt, Valley, p. Jake Rothka, Bentworth, 1:26.

113: Jason Nolf, Kittanning, p. Teddy Charletta, Yough, 5:05; Zach Swarrow, Beth-Center, d. Evan Ban, Carlynton, 5-0; Seth Carr, South Fayette, p. Josiah Hughes, Valley, 5:59; John Demaske, Jefferson-Morgan, p. Miguel Morales, South Allegheny, 2:33.

120: Nate Reckner, South Side Beaver, d. Kendric Moore, Highlands, 11-6; Nate Robb, Kittanning, d. Trevor Wood, Bentworth, 2-1; Brett Beltz, Keystone Oaks, t.f. Jake Braddock, Blackhawk, 20-3 (5:50); Jason Miller, Jefferson-Morgan, p. Darion Trimmer, Avonworth, 4:53.

126: Jimmy Gulibon, Derry, p. Derek Bowser, Kittanning, 1:41; Wade Blackmon, West Greene, d. Shane Black, Jefferson-Morgan, 9-5; Aaron Toth, Charleroi, m.d. Steven Kotouch, Burgettstown, 8-0; Nick Zanetta, Keystone Oaks, d. Vince Vahaly, Bentworth, 8-1.

132: Josh Kwasny, Charleroi, p. Pete Provenzano, Chartiers-Houston, 3:56; Ryan Abbott, Burgettstown, p. Christian Emminger, Kittanning, 4:56; Steven Edwards, Burrell, p. Ryan Zalar, Jefferson-Morgan, 3:40; Shane Gentry, South Side Beaver, p. Jason Stay, Beth-Center, 1:24.

138: Nick Gavazzi, Charleroi, m.d. Joey Pershina, Fort Cherry, 9-0; Nick Kusich, Avella, d. Tyler Minarchin, South Allegheny, 7-3; David Dedola, Carlynton, p. Ethan Charlesworh, Mt. Pleasant, 3:31; Philip Marra, Burrell, d. George Rogers, Washington, 8-1.

145: Taylor Wentzel, South Park, d. Corey Faleroni, Burrell, 13-6; Boe Bonzo, Freedom, p. Matt Riggle, Beth-Center, 1:54; Matt Johnston, West Greene, d. Taylor Jack, Kittanning, 4-2; Tanner Sutton, Chartiers-Houston, p. John Nice, Summit Academy, 1:42.

152: Jared Walker, South Fayette, p. Cole Murtha, Mt. Pleasant, 4:35; Kurt Struwe, Beaver, p. Marcus Davenport, Valley, 1:20; Kevin Best, Burrell, m.d. Connor Payne, South Side Beaver, 10-0; Troy Braddock, Blackhawk, p. Cody Weinell, Derry, 1:57.

160: Francis Mizia, Bentworth, t.f. Joey Luisi, Chartiers-Houston, 20-4 (1:40); Matt Abbott, Burgettstown, d. Austin Mears, Mt. Pleasant, 7-3; Wade Durbin, West Greene, p. Dylan Clark, Valley, 4:44; Mike Fetchet, South Fayette, m.d. Brandon Lesko, Jefferson-Morgan, 9-0.

170: Dustin Conti, Jefferson-Morgan, d. Derrick Beattie, Burrell, 4-3; Zach Simonelli, Avella, p. Jack Previte, South Fayette, 5:30; Zac Croyle, Kittanning, p. Lucas Richardson, Yough, 1:01; Garrett Vulcano, Chartiers-Houston, p. Eli Holt, Mt. Pleasant, :26.

182: Dakota DesLauriers, Burrell, p. Justin Tkach, Fort Cherry, 1:18; Dakota Datz, Southmoreland, d. Joey Congie, Chartiers-Houston, 4-2; Terrell Fields, Valley, d. Joe Phillips, Jefferson-Morgan, 1-0; Zeke Stroupe, Freedom, p. Toby Schreckengost, Kittanning, 3:25.

195: Jordan Kitta, Southmoreland, p. Mitch Paskorz, Riverview, 1:19; Dylan Shultz-Terling, Chartiers-Houston, p. Setch Hitchens, South Allegheny, 1:51; Kyle Gray, Mapletown, p. Tyler Cousins, Freedom, :35; Jacob Temple, Avella, p. Allan Cratsenberg, Highlands, 5:49.

220: Greg Kumer, Fort Cherry, p. Zach Holmes, Beth-Center, 3:30; Cody Jacobs, West Greene, t.f. John Lemon, Valley, 15-0 (4:48); Jake Fordyce, Bentworth, p. Thomas Sever, Yough, :50; Jonah Long, Mt. Pleasant, p. Regis McGill, Riverview, 1:06.

285: Corey Garry, Ft. Cherry, m.d. Jake Barker, Bentworth, 12-1; Kyre Strickland, Valley, p. Christian Williams, Yough, 2:10; Nate Grandelis, Chartiers-Houston, d. Brian Rush, Jefferson-Morgan, 7-4; Kenyatta McCloud, Summit Academy, d. Nik Sappie, Carlynton, 4-3.

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Quarterfinal Round of the WPIAL Class AA Individual Wrestling Championships

Quarterfinal Round of the WPIAL Class AA Individual Wrestling Championships

Action from the quarterfinal round of the WPIAL Class AA Individual Wrestling Championships at Chartiers Valley High School on February 24, 2012.

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