Bad behavior at Brentwood

| Monday, Feb. 6, 2012

I've been attending high school basketball games since I was in middle school. I feel privileged to have a job which allows me to go watch a game and get paid for it.

That being said, I can not believe what I witnessed Friday night.

For those of you that didn't attend the Monessen's 59-45 win at Brentwood game I'll give some details and you can fill in the blanks.

To say it was a chippy game would be an under-statement, but that's competitive sports. It happens in football, basketball, baseball and I'll go as far to say it hap-pens in curling.

Members of both teams were trash-talking.

After the buzzer sounded for halftime, though, things took a disgusting turn.

Two or three members of the Brentwood student section donned full-body banana costumes and decided to run around the Greyhound players using racial slurs and referring to them as monkeys.

Being at the scorer's table, I couldn't hear every-thing that came from the student section. I didn't need to, though. I had heard enough.

Did Brentwood's Director of Security Joseph Kozarian do anything• No. At one point he was smiling and laughing with the entire student section.

I understand that as a visiting team, you expect to be harassed by a home team's crowd. There's absolutely no reason for the harassment to be racially motivated.

I grew up on Reed Avenue in Monessen. I had friends of every race. I was taught by my parents to never judge any-one by the color of their skin.

For Brentwood officials, parents and students to let this kind of action take place is absolutely appalling. And this isn't the first time an incident of this nature has happened involving Brentwood.

From what I under-stand, Monessen parents have started flooding Brentwood officials with emails and phone calls about their experience inside the walls of their school district.

Good for them. I only hope that Monessen's district officials will do the same, whether it's by phone, email or a sit-down meeting.

Yes, there was some trash talking by the Monessen players, like I said. But I commend the players and their coaches for keeping their heads and doing the best thing they could have done, which was maintain composure and win the game.

Monessen's Chavas Rawlins was also intentionally shoved into wall and doors under the hoop while going in for a layup by Brentwood's Joe Pilarski.

The talented junior, who has a promising football career ahead of him, left the Monessen fans breathless as he held his knee in pain. He did return to the game a few minutes later.

It was a cheap shot and Pilarski, who appeared proud of his actions, should have been thrown out of the game. No questions asked.

The worst part of it, though, was Spartan's coach Dave Mislan, blaming the referees for the actions of his star player.
Brentwood fans and administrators should be ashamed of their behavior at the game Friday.

Therefore, my Sellewtions are simple.

1. The WPIAL/PIAA should intervene as well, especially since each school reads that sportsmanship message before each game.

2. I urge Greyhounds' fans to contact their administrators and Brentwood administrators and voice their displeasure with the events at Friday's game.

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