Geibel students to present popular musical 'Cats' in March

| Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012

Geibel Catholic Senior-Middle School has chosen "Cats" as its 2012 spring musical. And the school community is excited about the choice.

"This show is going to be just as amazing as 'Phantom' was. It is very challenging, but the kids are so dedicated and are putting so much time and effort into making it great. We love to be the little school that does the big musicals," said director Nick Bell.

The story is a complex one. The music is timeless. There are elements of surprise and extravagance. There are outstanding costumes, mischievous happenings, creative dancing and moments of sadness and celebration.

Currently, the cast members are learning the personalities of their characters.

Sadie Caccinelio plays Grizabella. "My cat left the Jellicle tribe searching for a better life. When she returns she is not accepted by the other cats. By the end of the musical, she is," said Caccinelio.

Olivia Rakas plays Munkustrap. "I am the narrator cat, and I am second in command. I protect all the cats and tell them what's going on."

Cole Michael plays Old Deuteronomy, the leader of the Jellicle tribe of the cats. "Everyone looks up to me. My children are Munkustrap and Rum Tum Tugger. I choose Grizabella as the cat who goes to heaven," he said.

Lauren Mahokey is Demeter. "I'm sassy, yet contained, I'm a fun-loving cat."

Jared Beck is Rum Tum Tugger. "My cat is kind of like an Elvis cat. He doesn't want to fit the norm, he tries to distance himself from the other cats and he is very, very flirty."

Britanni Laskey is Bombalurina. "My cat is a red, sassy female. She's a flirt and she is the queen cat that looks over the kittens."

Each student has performed in past musicals and are all said they are ready to devote time and hard work to another successful production.

"Our families love the musicals. It's so exciting for everybody. They look forward to coming to the shows. They know Geibel's musicals are always great," said Beck.

"We put in a lot of effort and it's also a lot of fun. We make great memories. The time and preparation that Mr. Bell and everyone puts in shows because Geibel always has professional musicals, people are always pleasantly surprised when they come to see our musicals." said Mahokey, whose older brother also performed in Geibel musicals.

"I'm really excited to do 'Cats' because I've always loved 'Cats.' It's a difficult show but I know we'll do it really well because we've been able to pull off 'Phantom' and all the other shows we've done in the past. Everyone is excited," said Caccinelio.

"We hope the community will come out on March 30, 31 and April 1 to support the kids and to enjoy the show," said Bell.

The choreographer is John Wagner Jr. Helping Wagner are Lauren Fenyar and Elizabeth Spinelli. The stage crew chief is Scott Procko. Program master is Larry Orlando.

Tickets will be on sale in the near future.



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