Coddling China: Dangerous exposure ...

| Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Steelers don't show the Ravens their playbook. Apple doesn't show Microsoft its next high-tech gadget. Yet the Obama administration just showed top military officials from China sensitive U.S. military sites, in violation of federal law.

The Washington Times reports the Army's National Training Center and Nellis Air Force Base, home to air and cyberwar exercises, were among stops on the Chinese six-day tour ended Saturday.

The Obama administration's bleating about improving U.S.-China military relations thus boiled down to spilling U.S. military beans for Chinese brass -- and damaging U.S. national security.

Giving any nation such access is an insanely bad idea. When that nation is China, it's illegal, too -- under 2000's National Defense Authorization Act, which restricts U.S.-China military exchanges.

That law was prompted by a visiting Chinese officer's late-1990s discovery of actionable intelligence -- a key U.S. aircraft carrier vulnerability. China then bought Russian torpedoes suited to exploit that weakness.

Now, the Obama administration's reckless disregard of that law -- and of common sense -- has set America up for another such incident. And the price to be paid is all too likely to be reckoned in American lives.

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