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Valley News Dispatch Football All-Stars

The 2009 football all-star team for the Valley News Dispatch:


First team


Brian Shemenski, Sr., 6-3, 205, Springdale

Rushed for 857 yards, 8 TDs

Running back

Montay Green, Jr., 6-1, 230, Fox Chapel

Led all local rushers with 1,001 yards

Running back

LeBren O'Neal, Sr., 5-10, 170, Valley

Ran for 661 yards and 10 TDs

Running back

Bill Arch, Jr., 6-0, 155, Springdale

Rushed for 738 yards and 10 TDs

Running back

Gary Negley, Jr., 5-10, 160, Highlands

Led Rams with 963 yards rushing

Wide receiver

Bo Bowser, Jr., 5-9, 170, Kittanning

Big-play wideout caught 10 TD passes

Wide receiver

Dave Yakopec, Jr., 6-3, 170, Burrell

Had 41 catches for 580 yards

Offensive line

Miles Dieffenbach, Sr., 6-5, 285, Fox Chapel

Penn State recruit helped Foxes rush for 1,500 yards

Offensive line

Corey Kaczor, Sr., 6-0, 270, Springdale

All-Eastern Conference first-teamer

Offensive line

Zach Montgomery, Sr., 6-0, 200, Ford City

Sabers averaged 230 rushing yards a game

Offensive line

Matt Sasson, Jr., 6-2, 270, Fox Chapel

Division I prospect for Foxes next season

Offensive line

Nick Cieslieski, Sr., 6-4, 280, Shady Side Academy

Lower Burrell resident was key on Indians line


Kevin Wood, Sr., 5-7, 155, Knoch

Made 6 of 6 field goals with a long of 40


Joe Diani, Sr., 6-2, 175, Leechburg

First-team All-Eastern Conference

Second team

Quarterback — Ross Harmon, Sr., 6-2, 190, Kittanning

Running back — Adam Tuzikow, 5-11, 215, Knoch

Running back — Ryan Allen, Sr., 6-0, 195, Plum

Running back — Eean Smith, Jr., 5-11, 174, Apollo-Ridge

Running back — Mike Krochta, Jr., 6-0, 190, Ford City

Wide receiver — Brandon Seachrist, Jr., 6-3, 180, Riverview

Wide receiver — Chris Linden, Sr., 6-0, 170, Burrell

Offensive line — Aaron Sulava, Sr., 6-3, 225, Leechburg

Offensive line — Jake Summerill, Jr., 6-0, 230, Springdale

Offensive line — Jimbo Hess, Sr., 6-0, 220, Burrell

Offensive line — Zack Filous, Sr., 6-0, 230, Kittanning

Offensive line — Micah Lio, Sr., 6-8, 265, Knoch

Kicker — Brian Shaw, Sr., 5-10, 185, Burrell

Punter — Brad Kazmierczyk, Sr., 5-10, 160, Highlands


First team

Defensive line

Joe Ober, Sr., 6-3, 250, Springdale

All-Eastern Conference first-teamer

Defensive line

Colton Staley, Sr., 6-0, 180, Burrell

All-Allegheny Conference first-team pick

Defensive line

Jon Turner, So., 6-0, 195, Freeport

Tied team-high with five sacks

Defensive line

Cody McClelland, Jr., 6-3, 240, Freeport

Had 72 tackles and four sacks


Dustin Bowser, Sr., 5-9, 230, Kittanning

All-Allegheny Conference first-teamer


Jake McTighe, Sr., 6-1, 230, Knoch

Getting lower Division I attention


Tony Hamorsky, Sr., 6-2, 225, Springdale

Fiery hitter fueled Dynamos defense


Jake Campbell, Jr., 6-0, 180, Freeport

All-Allegheny Conference first-team selection


Dylan Piper, Jr., 6-0, 186, Ford City

Had two sacks to lead Sabers

Defensive back

Tyler Collins, Sr., 6-1, 190, Freeport

Led team with four interceptions

Defensive back

Alex Isenberg, Sr., 5-9, 155, Freeport

Had 99 tackles, including 52 solo

Defensive back

Aaron Frye, Jr., 6-0, 180, Kiski Area

All-Quad East second-team pick

Defensive back

Joe Bailey, Jr., 5-9, 180, Plum

All-Quad East pick at defensive back


Tarique Godson, Sr., 5-9, 155, Kiski Area

All-Quad East second-team multi-purpose

Second team

Defensive line — Brian Beattie, Jr., 6-0, 240, Burrell

Defensive line — Curtis Hughes, Jr., 6-1, 185, Freeport

Defensive line — Troy Vickers, Sr., 6-2, 250, Summit Academy

Defensive line — Tom Kloes, Sr., 6-1, 250, Knoch

Linebacker — Jeremy Salm, Sr., 5-11, 190, Kiski Area

Linebacker — Sean Dugan, Fr., 5-10, 170, Springdale

Linebacker — Ernest Steward, Sr., 6-3, 185, Valley

Linebacker — Matt Giel, Sr., 6-0, 200, Shady Side Academy

Linebacker — Eli Maxwell, Sr., 5-5, 160, Deer Lakes

Defensive back — Justin Collins, Sr., 6-0, 155, Riverview

Defensive back — Ryan Garrity, Jr., 6-0, 180, Plum

Defensive back — Rory Lockhart, Sr., 6-0, 185, Ford City

Defensive back — Jack Wight, Jr., 5-10, 180, Fox Chapel

All-purpose — Terrel Craighead, Jr., 6-1, 165, Riverview

Local All-Conference Football Teams

Class AAAA

Quad East


First team

TE Mike Lee, Woodland Hills

C Julian Turner, Woodland Hills

G Mark Bozzo, Central Catholic

G Miles Dieffenbach, Fox Chapel

T Bruce Atkins, Woodland Hills

T Garrett Lynn, Central Catholic

WR Anthony Nixon, Central Catholic

WR Brandon Ifill, Penn Hills

RB Dom Timbers, Woodland Hills

RB Damian Jones-Moore, Central Catholic

MPB-Lafayette Pitts, Woodland Hills

QB- John Yezovich, Woodland Hills

K- Sam Scifo, Woodland Hills

Second team

TE Joe Sangimino, Central Catholic

C Mike Airgood, Penn Hills

G Zack Jessell, Woodland Hills

G Treyton Hester, Penn Hills

T Kennedy Gordon, Woodland Hills

T Andrew Foster, Penn Hills

WR Joe Lofton, Woodland Hills

WR Ryan Beehner, Plum

RB Montay Green, Fox Chapel

RB Chris Washington, Penn Hills

MPB Tarique Godson, Kiski Area

QB Chaz Whitaker, Penn Hills

K Mike Ferraco

Honorable Mention

TE Leonard Graham, Kiski Area; C Ian Haag, Central Catholic; Matt Sasson, Fox Chapel; G Nick Hartzell, Central Catholic; Jim Montgomery, Plum; T Darius McGee, Central Catholic; Chris Cernicky, Kiski Area; WR Cullen Christian, Penn Hills; RB Ryan Allen, Plum; Jeremy Salm, Kiski Area; MPB C.J. Lutz, Plum; QB Perry Hills, Central Catholic; Toph Zdinak, Plum


First team

DL Rich Gray, Woodland Hills

DL Khaynin Mosley-Smith, Woodland hills

DL Nyegel Thomas, Central Catholic

DL Aaron Donald, Penn Hills

LB Ejuan Price, Woodland Hills

LB Mike Caprara, Woodland Hills

LB David Myers, Central Catholic

LB Myles Davis, Penn Hills

DB Ron DeVaughn, Woodland Hills

DB Shane Yuhas, Central Catholic

DB Cullen Christian, Penn Hills

DB Raymond Harris, Penn Hills

P Mat MacZura, Central Catholic

Second team

DL Stephawn Featherstone, Central Catholic

DL Frank Kun, Plum

DL Jordan Elliott, Central Catholic

DL Tyree Turner, Penn Hills

LB Malik Johnson, Central Catholic

LB Ryan Cummings, Plum

LB Devlin McBride, Woodland Hills

LB Walter Moultrie, Penn Hills

DB David McClendon, Woodland Hills

DB Jack Wright, Fox Chapel

DB Ryan Garrity, Plum

DB Aaron Frye, Kiski Area

P A.J. Anderson, Fox Chapel

Honorable Mention

DL Matt Sasson, Fox Chapel; Leonard Graham, Kiski Area; Julian Lacava, Plum; LB Adam Krause, Plum; Bob Haraczy, Central Catholic; DB Ryan Zeh, Central Catholic; Joe Bailey, Plum; Mike Jackson, Penn Hills

Class AAA

Greater Allegheny


First Team

TE Jordan Paskorz, Hampton

WR Josh Staniscia, Franklin Regional

WR Tyler Cole, Highlands

C Dan Borghetti, Franklin Regional

T Brody Evanson, Mars

T Sean Hickey, Franklin Regional

T Joe Raimondi, Hampton

G Dylan Bear, Mars

G Chad Corle, Indiana

QB Stephen Liberatore, Franklin Regional

RB Chad Bowman, Franklin Regional

RB Andrew Bly, Hampton

RB Austin Miele, Mars

K Chris Karns, Mars

All-Purpose Player Jake McTighe, Knoch

FB Steve Magister, Hampton

Second team

TE Jack Shogan, Franklin Regional

WR Kevin Stapleton, Indiana

C Ben Leshow, Mars

T Micah Lio, Knoch

QB Kyle Edgar, Indiana

RB Vince Gatti, Indiana

K Kevin Wood, Knoch

All-Purpose player Bill Young, Hampton

FB Adam Tuzikow, Knoch

Honorable Mention

TE James Zellhart, Indiana; QB Phil Powell, Hampton; Mike Lenosky, Highlands; T Steve VanSant, Indiana; WR Cameron Malewski, Mars; Seth Edwards, Highlands


First team

DL Brody Evanson, Mars

DL Joe Raimondi, Hampton

DL Chad Corle, Indiana

DL Tom Kloes, Knoch

LB Seth Geyer, Mars

LB Matt Schantz, Franklin Regional

LB Jake McTighe, Knoch

LB Jordan Paskorz, Hampton

DB Randy Seebacher, Mars

DB Chad Bowman, Franklin Regional

DB Randy Mihoci, Franklin Regional

DB Matt Dukovich, Hampton

P Brad Kazmierczyk, Highlands

Second team

DL John Arcandelo, Franklin Regional

DL Mark Liscio, Franklin Regional

LB Kevin Randolph, Mars

LB Steve Magister, Hampton

DB Josh Pinkerton, Mars

DB Brandon Erdley, Indiana

P Jake McTighe, Knoch

Honorable Mention

LB Popi Gandi-Nabi, Indiana; Joseph Figurelli, Franklin Regional; Nate Winek, Hampton; Chet Paul, Knoch; Brad Grosso, Mars; DB Kevin Ly, Franklin Regional; DL Jordan Shulman, Hampton; Kyr Sotos, Knoch

Class AA

Allegheny Conference


First team

WR Bo Bowser, Kittanning

WR David Yakopec, Burrell

TE Darius Frantz, Freeport

C Zach Montgomery, Ford City

G Dustin Bowser, Kittanning

G Nick Rossi, Shady Side

T Zack Fillous, Kittanning

T Nick Ciesielski, Shady Side

QB Cameron Nelson, Burrell

RB Mike Krochta, Ford City

RB Brian Nickel, Shady Side

RB LeBren O'Neal, Valley

PK Brian Shaw, Burrell

P Tyler Collins, Freeport

KR Bo Bowser, Kittanning

KR Dave Yakopec, Burrell


First Team

DE Troy Vickers, Summit

DE Brian Beattie, Burrell

DL Colton Staley, Burrell

DL Nick Rossi, Shady Side

DL Jon Turner, Freeport

OLB Matt Giel, Shady Side

OLB Jake Campbell, Freeport

ILB Dustin Bowser, Kittanning

ILB Dylan Piper, Ford City

ILB Jeff Shogan, Shady Side

ILB Darius Frantz, Freeport

DB Bo Bowser, Kittanning

DB Chris Linden, Burrell

DB Brian Nickel, Shady Side

DB Alex Isenberg, Freeport

Second team

WR Chris Linden, Burrell

WR Tyler Collins, Freeport

TE Tanner Jones, Shady Side

T Cameron Cogley, West Shamokin

T Dayne Williams, Burrell

G Jake Klingesmith, Ford City

G Jimbo Hess, Burrell

G Jon Turner, Freeport

C Tyler Grantz, Kittanning

QB Ross Harmon, Kittanning

QB Alex Isenberg, Freeport

RB Logan Atwood, Kittanning

RB Caleb Berrett, Ford City

RB Jake Campbell, Freeport

PK Tyler Singer, Freeport

P Brian Shaw, Burrell

P Andrew Huska, Ford City

KR Tyler Collins, Freeport

KR LeBren O'Neal, Valley


Second team

DE Tyler Fink, Kittanning

DE Curtis Hughes, Freeport

DL Zack Fillous, Kittanning

DL Zack Patten, Kittanning

DL Brandon Fulton, Ford City

DL Cody McClelland, Freeport

OLB Eli Maxwell, Deer Lakes

OLB Ernest Stewart, Valley

ILB Robert Henderson, Summit

ILB Lucas Gathers, Burrell

DB Rory Lockhart, Ford City

DB Dave Yakopec, Burrell

DB Tyler Collins, Freeport

DB LeBren O'Neal

Honorable Mention


WR Mauraice Houston, Summit; Zac Capan, Deer Lakes; Mitch Martin, Deer Lakes; Derek Durand, Freeport; Anthony DiCarlois, Valley; Josh Swinehart, Apollo Ridge; Frank Perriello, Burrell; Maurice Houston, Summit; Rory Lockhart, Ford City; Chris Farrell, Shady Side Academy; Geno Thorpe, Shday Side Academy; TE Mark Wesolek, Deer Lakes; Jesse Burton, Burrell; Philip Green, Valley; C Andrew Giesler, Shady Side Academy; Knight Clark, Freeport; David Williams, Burrell; John Jones, Summit; OG Zack Patton, Kittanning; Devin Rodriguez, Deer Lakes; Mike Troutman, West Shamokin; Cary Flenory, Burrell; Jeff Shogan, Shady Side; Zack Patton, Kittanning; Wes Schmidt, Kittanning; Judd Mantini, Ford City; T Cody McClelland, Freeport; Jimmy Mott, Valley; Ronni Stokes, Valley; C.J. Moon, Apollo Ridge; Josh Kacprowski, Kittanning; QB Geoff Landry, Deer Lakes; Reggie Mitchell, Shady Side Academy; RB Troy Vickers, Summit; Patrick Jones, Deer Lakes; Shawn Reesman, West Shamokin; Dan Domanski, Burrell; Anthony Loyacona, Shady Side Academy; Earnest Stewart, Valley; Ean Smith, Apollo Ridge; Andrew Teorsky, Freeport; James Tate, Summit; Blake Copenhaver, West Shamokin; Jake Burdette, Kittanning; Garrett Brumbaugh, Kittanning; Andrew Schall, Kittanning; Taylor Fink, Kittanning; Hararison Hirsch, Shady Side Academy; PK Carlos Bickel, Summit; Troy Szwackowski, Deer Lakes; David Currie, Shady Side Academy; Lane Sasala, Kittanning; David Vincent, Ford City; KR Mitch Martin, Deer Lakes; Shawn Reesman, West Shamokin; Mitch Shaw, Freeport; Sean Smith, Apollo Ridge

Honorable Mention


DE Ethan Albinger, Deer Lakes; Nolan Greenwald, Burrell; Phillip Green, Valley; James Threatte, Valley; Mike Young, Shady Side Academy; Nate King, Freeport; DL Chris Tater, Deer Lakes; Ron Anthony, Deer Lakes; Mike Troutman, West Shamokin; Steve Cunningham, Ford City; Sean Bates, Burrell; Charles Massey, Valley; Josh Kacprowski, Kittanning; Steven Cunningham, Ford City; Nick Ciesielski, Shady Side Academy; OLB Shawn McDonald, Summit; Ryan Reynolds, Shady Side Academy; Mike Bell, Apollo Ridge; Alex Lane, Kittanning; Mark Kaczanowicz, Burrell; Mitch Shaw, Freeport; Shawn McDonald, Summit; ILB Jabril Henley, Summit; Brian Palmiere, Deer Lakes; Shawn Reesman, West Shamokin; John Gigler, Burrell; Tanner Jones, Shady Side Academy; Brad Campbell, Apollo Ridge; Blake Copenhavor, West Shamoking; Wes Schmidt, Kittanning; DB Andrew Scholl, Kittanning; Maurice Houston, Summit; Mitch Martin, Deer Lakes; Jared Hollibaugh, West Shamokin; Nick Loyacona, Shady Side Academy; Ben Cohen, Shady Side Academy; Derek Durand, Freeport; Deron Hinton, Valley; Shane Wingard, Apollo Ridge; Zak Middleby, Burrell; Shawn Liberto, Freeport; Garrett Brumbaugh, Kittanning; Andrew Schall, Kittanning; Lane Sasala, Kittanning; Nolan Cavenaugh, Kittanning; Kent Commodore, Ford City

Class A


First Team


QB Martin Long, North Catholic

RB Jim Zubik, Avonworth

RB Julian Durden, North Catholic

WR Dan Lucas, Brentwood

WR Matt Fedzen, North Catholic

WR Brandon Seachrist, Riverview

OL Corey Kaczor, Springdale

OL Aaron Sulava, Leechburg

OL Nick Sappie, Carlynton

OL Milton Loop, Avonworth

OL Zach Donaldson, Brentwood

UB Zach Donaldson, Brentwood

P Joe Diani, Leechburg

K Morgan Porter, North Catholic

Second team

QB Brian Shemenski, Springdale

RB Lamont Robinson, Brentwood

RB Julian Garner, Riverview

WR Dawon Washington, Wilkinsburg

WR Joe Diani, Leechburg

WR Ben Kramer, Avonworth

OL Jake Szramowski, North Catholic

OL Matt Mamich, Avonworth

OL Tom McKee, Riverview

OL Jake Summerill, Springdale

OL Andrew Brown, Wilkinsburg

UB Terrel Craighead, Riverview; Rasheed Howard, Wilkinsburg

P Chad Myburg, Riverview

K Houston Hunt, Avonworth

Honorable Mention

QB Tom Turnbull, Avonworth; Jacob Milberger, Riverview; Jordon Wade, Wilkinsburg; RB Steven Bevan, Carlynton; Jake Hatcher, Carylnton; Jared Kalmar, Leechburg; Anthony Munion, Riverview; Robert Taylor, Wilkinsburg; WR Brandon Pavlik, Brentwood; Garrett Miller, Leechburg; Alex Kline, North Catholic; Travis Evans, Wilkinsburg; OL Scott Barlek, Avonworth; David Hutten, Brentwood; Mike Nikovich, Brentwood; Ethan Vigna, Leechburg; Tyler Foster, Leechburg; Tim Wood, North Catholic; Kenny Di Bucci, Riverview; Dylan Dzugan, Springdale; TE C.J. Gallager, Brentwood; Jesse Long, North Catholic; Justin Deily, Springdale

First team


DL Mike Simmons, Avonworth

DL Phil Jandrokovic, North Catholic

DL Joe Ober, Springdale

DL Nick Sappie, Carlynton

LB Eddie Kurtz, Avonworth

LB Tony Hamorsky, Springdale

LB Andrew Brown, Wilkinsburg

LB Jake Szramowski, North Catholic

DB Dan Lucas, Brentwood

DB Cody Bauer, Brentwood

DB Justin Collins, Riverview

Second team

DL Matt Mamich, Avonworth

DL Jim Snyder, North Catholic

DL Mac Mallow, Carlynton

DL Regis McGill, Riverview

LB Sean Proveza, Riverview

LB Andriy Lasiychuk, Carlynton

LB Jeff Weyner, Avonworth

LB Sean Dugan, Springdale

DB Martin Long, North Catholic

DB Joe Diani, Leechburg

DB Bill Arch, Springdale

Honorable Mention

DL A.J. Mang, Avonworth; Brandon Hennon, Brentwood; Luis Garcia, Carlynton; Dan Coutch, Leechburg; Jesse Mahon, North Catholic; Corey Gregory, Riverview; LB Steve Bevan, Carylnton; Alex Kline, North Catholic; Brandon Wilhelm, Riverview; Kyle Hohman, Springdale; John Blazonczyk, Springdale; DB Brian Vales, Avonworth; Ryan Schmid, Avonworth; Jake Howard, Carylnton; Jesse Long, North Catholic; Brandon Brushe, Springdale; Rasheen East, Wilkinsburg; Donald Robinson, Wilkinsburg

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