Global warming? More doubts

| Saturday, March 21, 2009

New studies suggest that "global warming" -- no matter if its origins are proffered as man-made or part of a natural cycle -- might soon require a new name. Can you say "global stasis" or "global cooling"?

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee applied a math formula to climate data for the past 100 years. They found Earth's air and ocean systems now are showing signs of synchronizing with each other.

That might explain why the researchers found the warming trend of the past 30 years has stopped and that the planet's temperatures have leveled off since 2001. And that might help explain why there seem to be fewer bad storms.

A study of global tropical cyclone activity by Ryan N. Maue, a doctoral student at the Department of Meteorology at Florida State University, suggests global warming might be greatly overblown.

Alarmists long have claimed that global warming causes an increase in storm intensity. But Mr. Maue found that tropical cyclone activity worldwide "has completely and utterly collapsed" during the past two to three years with energy levels sinking to those of the late 1970s. These are more reminders for every Chicken Little global warming squawker that climatology has barely scratched the surface about Earth's ideal temperature. So much, once again, for "consensus" and "settled science."

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