Police determined to collect up to $12,000 in parking fines

| Saturday, Jan. 20, 2007

KITTANNING -- Borough police are attempting to collect between $10,000 and $12,000 in outstanding parking fines, said police Chief Ed Cassesse.

Cassesse said some warrants date back more than a year but many were issued during the last few months. He said the warrants are mainly for unpaid parking meter violations or for parking on streets designated for sweeping or snow removal.

"The borough stands to lose a considerable amount of money if theses warrants are uncollected, and our department is determined to collect them," Cassesse said.

He provided a list of 88 drivers for whom outstanding warrants have been issued. He said names of drivers younger than 18 do not appear on the list. He added that the original list contained nearly 120 names but some have paid their fines and associated court costs. he said warrants may be paid from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays at the borough police department office or at the offices of District Judge James Owen.

A representative of Owen's office said warrant costs could range from $53 to $89 each including fines, court costs and warrant fees.

The following people have outstanding warrants:

Eric Wright, two warrants; Kathy A. Samaj, two; Robert A. Hirtz, one; S. Lillian Fitch, one; Monica Butler, one; Lauraetta L. Hartman, two; Jason Donahue, one; Joseph C. Grates Jr., one; Andrew Shaffer, one; Jane Ashton, one.

David Hughes, eight; Christy and Ron Burns, one; Daniel T. Anthony, one; Tricia Schotting, one; Chad Penrod, one; Robert Hirtz Jr., two; Delana C. Clayton, one; Nancy Lowers, one; Allene Gauder, one; Homer Brison, one.

Roberta Odonaghue, six; Beth D. Hirtz, two; Charles W. Shaeffer, three; Joshua Bowser, three; Renee Ruffalo, one; Lance E. Anthony, one; Beverly Kline, four; Aaron Kepple, two; Dewey G. Buzzard, two; Carl W. Skufca, one.

James Milliron, one; Michael Weige, one; Ryan T. Moore, two; Jody Miller, one; Robert M. Cramer, three; Kenneth E. Moore, five; Robin J. Scratchard, one; Jessica Bures, four; Ronald Cronauer, one; Shannon McMillen, three.

Michelle Slease, 11; Stacy Doland, one; Edward Kunst, one; Heather N. McCrorey, two; Kathryn J. Puhl, three; Chad Swartz, two; Tiya John, two; Thomas D. Perry-Hines Jr. , two; Jeremy Dosch, one; Adam Locke, one.

Bridet Lash, one; William Delp, one; Melissa Ridlon, one; Danielle Warner, two; Randy Kunselman, one; Tina M. Rizzardo, one; Clinton Harkless, one; Benjamin Snyder, one; Randy Steim, one; Terry Schreckengost, one.

Phyllis Haugh, one; Jani Snyder, one; Ryan Crissman, two; Juan W. Bell, one; Mark and Dawn Ruble, one; Jim A. Skursky Jr., one; Joshua P. Gilliland, one; Geneva Maloney, two; Michael C. Smail, one; David Miller, one.

Debbie and John Westlake, three; Erika K. Black, three; Ronald Shondelmyer Jr., one; Bethany M. Price, one; Julia and Justin Morelli, one; Ronald E. Marburger Jr., one; Rhonda J. Fockler, two Kevin Sanholtz, four; Stacy Matthews, one; Patricia Weige, one.

Christine O'Malley, one; Lauri Tamburri, one; John Cousins, one; Betsy Hawkins, one; Keith DiMaio, one; Patti J. Christy, one; Suzanne L. Mundy, one; and Ashley R. McAfee, one.

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