Too much homework piles stress upon students

| Thursday, Dec. 19, 2002

What words come to mind when the word homework is mentioned• Stress• Sleepless nights•

High expectations• Millions of high school students, like myself, having time for only six hours of sleep a night due to an overabundance of homework, might be putting our education and health at risk by not making sleep a higher priority.

Jamie Karcesky, a senior at Belle Vernon Area High School states, "Everyone expects us to take the hardest courses, but the teachers do not realize the workload that our schedule places on us."

A typical argument for teachers may be that students should be able to balance their priorities because the teachers are just doing their job.

On the contrary, students are always being urged to become involved in extra curricular activities for their well-being. Now students are faced with the tug-war-situation of stress. Should students be subjected to stress due to tremendous homework hours?

In a news article for CNN, Cheryl Weaver of Piscataway, New Jersey answers, "They're in school for six-and-a-half hours a day, they don't need to come home and do another two or three house of homework. That's more than a full-time job."

In reality, homework can be paralleled to a full-time job. Actually, many students do balance a part time job with homework, creating even more stress. Any student with a part-time job and exhibits interest should be commended for that ability.

Laura Krivda, also a senior at Belle Vernon Area High School relates, "Although it's my choice to have a job, I work four days a week, on top of homework, and it's extremely stressful, and I never have time for myself."

In hopes of alleviating this reality, many school districts follow guidelines that limits homework to between 20 and 40 minutes a night, depending on the grade level. Some teachers may try this technique; however, not all children work at the same rate, so some allowances should be made for those children who work more slowly or more rapidly.

A teacher at Belle Vernon Area High School, Annette Clay said, "Homework is a necessary evil and teachers cannot always coordinate with other teachers in order to accommodate a student's expectations."

Simply put, teachers have a job to do and that is teaching. Along with teaching goes homework. Though homework will not be of any value later in life, homework teaches you responsibility for later in life.


Another senior, Nathan Hart said, "Homework is important for those who want to further their education."

Early on, homework is not useful until a child is older, and in fact, it is harmful for a younger child, because it teaches a child that school is a chore that is not fun. Homework can be essential in life or your worst enemy, after all, the choice it up to you. In this busy world, it boils down to setting your priorities straight.

Patrick Pirilla, also a senior, put it best when he said, "Too much to do, too little time."

Dawn Rubosky is a senior at Belle Vernon Area High School.

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