Sandusky a victim only in his own mind

| Thursday, June 6, 2013, 7:19 p.m.

Jerry Sandusky had one final indignity to foist upon his victims.

Sandusky on Tuesday painted himself as a victim, even as he was painted into a corner of the penal system reserved for society's vilest members. Convicted of molesting 10 boys during a 15-year period, the notorious predator received a prison sentence that will keep him locked up, at minimum, until he is 98 years old.

Clad in red inmate garb, the former Penn State assistant football coach took center stage in the Centre County courtroom for what likely was one of his final public utterances. The moment cried out for contrition, for apology, for acknowledgment at the endgame that he at least was cognizant of the depth of his depravity.

Didn't happen.

Sandusky observed three of the people he assaulted take the stand to relate how their lives were forever altered by his monstrous deeds. He then delivered a vainglorious monologue in which he incredibly asserted that the person who was wronged in this whole sordid affair was the fellow who was speaking.

He reiterated the claim, first made on Monday in a taped broadcast on the Penn State student radio station, that he was the victim of an extraordinarily vast conspiracy that stopped just short of involving Russian mobsters and tentacled extraterrestrials.

In good ol' Jerry's eyes, the sinister cabal included:

• Greedy guys (looking to profit by fabricating tales of his feral affections toward them).

• Investigators (irrationally fixated on his innocent habit of showering with minors).

• His longtime employer, Penn State (which failed to support him when these false claims first arose, other than attempting to cover them up and having two top administrators allegedly perjure themselves. Some help all of that was.)

• The media (which sensationalized the story when it should have been reporting on Afghanistan or something).

• Civil attorneys (looking to profit by working in concert with — and bringing the conspiracy full circle back to — the greedy guys).

About the only person escaping blame in this game was Sandusky's adopted adult son, Matt Sandusky, who told prosecutors he was willing to testify that he had been molested as a youth. Although Matt Sandusky clearly was part of the conspiracy, perhaps his father spared his son any admonishment out of gratitude that he never took the stand.

The real victims deserved better than Sandusky's self-serving claim of victimhood and innocence, his avoidance of accountability, his nauseating narcissism. They certainly can't be blamed if they hope his preference for prison accommodations pans out.

Sandusky has expressed a desire to be housed with the general population at the correctional facility where he will spend the rest of his days. That's an extremely unwise — some would say stupid — stance for an unrepentant child molester to take.

Sandusky considers himself a victim now?

Wait till he sees what happens if his wish is granted.

Eric Heyl is a staff writer for Trib Total Media. He can be reached at 412-320-7857 or

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