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Salena Zito Reporting

Shot-down Malaysian airliner ‘is terrible blow,’ British envoy tells Trib

By Salena Zito
WASHINGTON — If Russia supplied missiles to separatists to shoot down a Malaysian Airlines passenger plane carrying 298 people, “the Russians have a substantial number …

Luis Fábregas Columns

Fabregas: Bickering ‘couple’ at it again

By Luis Fábregas
Told you so. Did I not say last week that it was only a matter of time before UPMC and Highmark started bickering again like a divorced couple? Did I not cast doubt about the notion that UPMC and Highmark …

Eric Heyl Columns

Heyl: Gravy train comes to an abrupt halt for Allegheny judges’ relatives

By Eric Heyl
The answers can’t come quickly enough. National Transportation Safety Board investigators remained at the Allegheny County Courthouse on Thursday, attempting to determine the cause of this week’s gravy train derailment. Investigators confirmed the train jumped the tracks when Common Pleas …

Nafari Vanaski Columns

Vanaski: Stone wall up in South Fayette

By Nafari Vanaski
When it comes to the details of expanding school buildings, most of us are novices. But when it’s happening in your school district, you’d likely be interested in finding out what school board members have in mind, right? You’d probably …