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Salena Zito Reporting

Trust the issue in Fla. governor race

By Salena Zito
While much of the media pay attention to movement in this year’s U.S. Senate races (you know the drill; one of those moves two points, and everyone reacts as if it’s an avalanche), few are watching a contest with 2016 …

Luis Fábregas Columns

Highmark CEO keeps eyes ahead

By Luis Fábregas
Soon after becoming CEO of Highmark Health in May, David Holmberg held an employee meeting where he announced plans to stop the negative ads against …

Eric Heyl Columns

Take away their cars? Not so fast

By Eric Heyl
They need their wheels. You might not think that many Allegheny County officials require round-the-clock access to newer model vehicles paid for or leased at taxpayer expense. But then, you probably never considered the crises they often are forced to …

Nafari Vanaski Columns

Vanaski: Chief, we need you to deliver

By Nafari Vanaski
An open letter to new Pittsburgh police Chief Cameron McLay: Hello, Chief. Welcome to Pittsburgh! I’m sure you’ve been reading all about the goings-on in the ’Burgh through the Tribune-Review or online at from your previous home of Madison, …