So, think Highmark will deny this claim?

| Sunday, April 1, 2012

NEWS ITEM: Highmark Inc. CEO Dr. Kenneth Melani was suspended without pay on Thursday after being charged with simple assault and defiant trespass.

The head of Pennsylvania's largest insurer was arrested following a fistfight last weekend with his live-in mistress' husband, Mark Myler. The fight occurred after Melani barged uninvited into Myler's house.



• Patient name: Mark Myler

• Patient address: Canterbury Court, Oakmont, PA 15139

• Highmark subscriber name: Melissa Myler

• Relationship to patient: Estranged spouse

• Subscriber occupation: Highmark sports marketing manager

• Claim submitted for treatment of: ( ) Illness (X) Injury ( ) Other

• Nature of illness, injury or condition: Patient suffered forehead contusion, lacerated nose and several leg lacerations during an altercation with Highmark CEO Dr. Kenneth Melani (see attached Oakmont Police report).

• Is illness or injury work-related? (X) Yes ( ) No

• If so, please describe how, in detail: According to police, three weeks after subscriber began working for Highmark in October, she and Melani began having an affair. Subscriber and Melani moved in together in January, after Melani's wife became aware of their relationship and informed patient what was going on.

Things recently started to go south for subscriber and Melani when subscriber discovered Melani had hired a private investigator to probe her past. Highmark employees learned they were dancing the Hokey Pokey after the resulting argument over the private eye.

At that point, subscriber felt as though she had no choice but to leave the company. When subscriber went to patient's house to inexplicably update him on her plans, an angry Melani arrived and almost immediately started acting like Charlie Sheen on a bender.

Melani accused subscriber of cheating on him -- apparently with the patient -- called subscriber a slut, according to patient, and implied that subscriber only wanted him for his money. Patient led Melani out of the house and onto a porch, where the fight ensued and police were called.

Melani, who heads a $14.6 billion dollar health-care conglomerate and made $4.35 million last year, was arrested after allegedly acting like a jealous, lovesick teenager.

• Are you kidding? ( ) Yes (X ) No

• We check out all of this stuff pretty thoroughly before paying any claim. So seriously, are you kidding?

( ) Yes (X) No

• Please check the following boxes to acknowledge:

(X) The above information is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and that I have attached all relevant forms completed in full by my physician.

(X) This claim most likely will be denied by an apprehensive Highmark paperwork processor who fears for his/her job and wants no part of this tawdry mess.

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