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Eric Heyl is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His work appears throughout the week. Eric Heyl can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7857

Heyl: Kane should’ve used evidence — or brain

By Eric Heyl
A prosecutor ignoring evidence is like a firefighter failing to unroll the hose. Both are potentially career-killing abdications of professional responsibility. No firefighter has been in the news recently for casually scrolling through sports scores while on the scene of a ...

Heyl: Pittsburgh’s premier clock doctor has little time to spare

By Eric Heyl
Dave McGee traffics in minutes and memories. As owner of Pittsburgh Clock & Lock Co. in Mt. Oliver, he arguably is Pittsburgh’s premier clock doctor. ...

A big thank-you to Sens. Casey and Toomey, from Comcast

By Eric Heyl
A thank-you clearly is owed. If Comcast CEO Brian Roberts hasn’t conveyed one to Pennsylvania Sens. Bob Casey and Pat Toomey for their recent intervention on his company’s behalf, he should do so immediately. Roberts might fret over its proper ...

Heyl: Is your money working for you?

By Eric Heyl
You’re an asset to the region, right? You’re law-abiding, pay your taxes, support local businesses and always curb your dog, don’t you? You religiously recycle and often shovel snow from your elderly neighbor’s sidewalk, correct? It’s about time those contributions finally ...

Heyl: Homestead cafe is a tribute to city’s past

By Eric Heyl
It once was the world’s largest blast furnace, turning out tons of steel cooked in a cauldron full of coke, iron ore and limestone. Tom Kazar borrowed its name for his new Homestead bistro. He did so not just to ...

Peduto’s 15 minutes of fame could be just the beginning

By Eric Heyl
Is Bill Peduto prepared for prime time? Pittsburgh’s mayor has a lot at stake in the next several weeks, and I’m not just referring to his attempts to get a proposed budget that includes a tax hike approved by City ...

Heyl: Staff full of lawyers can’t help Attorney General’s Office?

By Eric Heyl
To: Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane From: Heyl Consultants, LLC Re: Staffing issues Ms. Kane: Lawyers shouldn’t be so difficult to locate in your office. They should be as plentiful as puppies at a pet store. They should be ...

Heyl: Woman deserves bear hug in pursuit of owner of child’s plush friend

By Eric Heyl
The teddy bear was  lying in the street. Becky Holmes picked it up, never suspecting that a quest involving thousands of people was about to ...

Mishap, mayhem await in plush toy aisle

By Eric Heyl
Perhaps the most perilous place to be this holiday shopping season is in the plush toy aisle. There lurks the killer hedgehog. The stuffed animal might look like the ideal Toys R Us gift for an infant. But according to a ...

Heyl: Lawmakers put credulity in jeopardy

By Eric Heyl
Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of “Harrisburg Jeopardy!” You know the format: First come the unappealing answers, followed by questions taxpayers should feel pained at having to ask. If you’re surprised by that backward approach, you obviously have ...

Heyl: Politicians, perks stuff of 2014 ‘turkeys’

By Eric Heyl
Time to roast turkeys. With the birds about to go in the ovens, let’s indulge in the annual tradition of good-naturedly examining things for which the folks who dominate headlines — and some others — should express thanks: • Outgoing ...

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