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Eric Heyl is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His work appears throughout the week. Eric Heyl can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7857

Heyl: Harrisburg’s ongoing dramas reminiscent of high school hijinks

By Eric Heyl
At Pennsylvania High, the school year got off to a disturbing start. The troubles began early on the first day of classes. They occurred even before Principal Keystone’s planned warning during morning announcements that there would be a zero-tolerance policy ...

Heyl: Charlie’s recognizability a tragic flaw for Pittsburgh fishmonger

By Eric Heyl
Et tu, Tuna? For obvious reasons, Charlie the Tuna and Shakespeare rarely are mentioned in the same sentence. But the fate that befell the mascot ...

Heyl: Vick haters’ Facebook bark much worse than their protest’s bite

By Eric Heyl
That was a protest? It’s no stretch to suggest Steve Courson would be aghast over Michael Vick’s arrival in Pittsburgh. But he probably would be ...

Heyl: For more than 30 years, defeat has had the Edge on development

By Eric Heyl
The white flag has been raised again. The property that has yet to encounter a developer it couldn’t conquer, the former Edge restaurant site on ...

Heyl: Communion wafers for Venti lattes seems like a fair trade

By Eric Heyl
In Shadyside, one house of worship appears poised to replace another. So why the fuss? Preservationists, former parishioners and those residing close to Albright United ...

Heyl: Joe says it would ... be best for bureaucrats to use some common sense

By Eric Heyl
To Joe DeNardo, this forecast makes no sense. The legendary retired WTAE-TV meteorologist sees nothing about Pittsburgh’s climatological conditions that would trigger a 100 percent ...

Heyl: Parental advice-giving could do well with Harrison’s participation

By Eric Heyl
James Harrison isn’t playing up to his potential. The Steelers linebacker evidently still has what it takes on the football field, or the team wouldn’t ...

Heyl: Point Breeze native Mac Miller has perfect campaign theme for Trump

By Eric Heyl
Donald Trump’s in trouble, and he knows it. Hence the detente he is pursuing with Mac Miller, the rap superstar and Point Breeze native with ...

Point Breeze artist finds inspiration in sports fans’ love for Pittsburgh teams

By Eric Heyl
For most people, long lines at the grocery store inspire only impatience. For Laurie Longenecker, a long line inspired art. Longenecker, a Point Breeze graphic designer, ...

Heyl: Snorkeling, like life, is better done outside of your comfort zone

By Eric Heyl
Sitting in the stern of the fast-moving catamaran, we were soaked from stinging sea spray five minutes after leaving the dock. Clouds quickly rolled in, ...

Heyl: Taco Boat proponent thinks idea holds all ingredients for success

By Eric Heyl
James Rich wants to make waves in Pittsburgh’s mobile food community. The proprietor of the successful Pittsburgh Taco Truck noticed a disgraceful lack of dining ...

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