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Eric Heyl is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His work appears throughout the week. Eric Heyl can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7857

Heyl: This dress is a steal

By Eric Heyl
It’s a fashion statement. It’s a security breach. It’s a password dress. It’s a dress containing many of weakest passwords imaginable, ones that never should …

Playing at judge, Goodell drops ball in Ray Rice case

By Eric Heyl
LOS ANGELES (Exaggerated Press) — A reality TV show featuring National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell will be an integral part of Fox’s fall programming schedule. Fox announced that “Commissioner Court” will debut in September, in the coveted Sunday evening …

Heyl: Gravy train comes to an abrupt halt for Allegheny judges’ relatives

By Eric Heyl
The answers can’t come quickly enough. National Transportation Safety Board investigators remained at the Allegheny County Courthouse on Thursday, attempting to determine the cause of this week’s gravy train derailment. Investigators confirmed the train jumped the tracks when Common Pleas …

Heyl: Dermody fuzzy on pension history

By Eric Heyl
History apparently wasn’t House Minority Leader Frank Dermody’s best subject in school. Dermody, D-Oakmont, had harsh words on Monday for Republican Gov. Tom Corbett when Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Pennsylvania’s bond rating. That’s a dull development to most people, although …

Heyl: Pennsylvania Legislature has embarrassment of shame riches

By Eric Heyl
Shame shouldn’t be in short supply in Harrisburg. So it’s disappointing that the new policy of publicly shaming politicians extends to a select few who have served prison sentences. Befitting their status as former high-ranking lawmakers, official portraits of onetime …

Heyl: Comcast, no hope that we’ll reconcile

By Eric Heyl
P ETITION FOR PROTECTIVE RESTRAINING ORDER Petitioner: Comcast Corp. customer service callers Respondent: Comcast Corp. (also known as Xfinity, also known as the Evil Communications Conglomerate, also known as the Great Cable-Internet Satan) Reason for filing petition: Petitioner asserts respondent …

Heyl: No feather in public safety director’s cap

By Eric Heyl
For Pittsburgh police officers, wearing baseball caps while on duty became old hat long ago. So it’s hardly surprising that many of them are flipping their lids over a curiously timed edict that eliminates their choice of workplace chapeau. Acting …

Heyl: Dearly departed feel draft

By Eric Heyl
The notification surely startled the deceased. Many of them were dead for decades, enjoying eternity blissfully free of obligation to the world they departed. Then, amid the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes advisories, the Giant Eagle weekly special circulars and the monthly …

Heyl: Animal kingdom could help Pittsburgh save money

By Eric Heyl
Try to outdo Dr. Dolittle. Some people might think that suggestion to Pittsburgh officials would do little to solve the city’s financial problems. But perhaps the city could save money by not just talking to animals, but putting them to …

Heyl: PUC picks up where comedians leave off

By Eric Heyl
Material this amusing is Improv-worthy. If you’re in the mood for uproarious comedy, there’s no reason to wait until the next time Jerry Seinfeld comes to town. You can find chuckles aplenty by perusing the state Public Utility Commission mission …

Scaife, Trib defy skeptics

By Eric Heyl
I can’t claim to have known Dick Scaife well, but his love of newspapers enabled me to travel a remarkable journey. During an era in which most newspapers dramatically downsized or even folded, Scaife essentially built one from scratch. I’ve …

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