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Eric Heyl is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His work appears throughout the week. Eric Heyl can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7857

Heyl: When it comes to vintage items, Munhall store owner an old hand

By Eric Heyl
In a world of one-click online ordering, this place is an anomaly. If you want some of Too Groovy’s vintage pop culture products, forget about ...

Heyl: Recovery drags out for Homestead’s ‘front porch,’ marred by fire

By Eric Heyl
The faint smell of smoke remains around the fire scene. A burned-out shell of a building stands next to piles of charred wood, twisted metal ...

Heyl: Shuman’s offenders could one day wear ankle bracelet of their making

By Eric Heyl
Talk about your harsh penalties. Allegheny County’s youthful criminal offenders are receiving increasingly severe punishments for their misdeeds. In a move obviously designed to punctuate the county’s tough-on-crime stance, some incarcerated delinquents are being shepherded into crafts classes. Shuman Juvenile Detention ...

Heyl: Giant Ferris wheel to offer clear view of Pittsburgh’s mountaintop eyesore

By Eric Heyl
Cover the thing already. People riding the giant Ferris wheel at the EQT Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta in July will experience a thrill beyond being ...

Heyl: A bone to pick with candidates with skeletons in closets

By Eric Heyl
Try these skeletons on for size. They reside in the closets of various Western Pennsylvania candidates for office in next week’s primary, near the apparel just back from the dry cleaner. They include a felony conviction, an ongoing criminal investigation, ...

Heyl: Clock aficionados keep watch over restoration of antique piece

By Eric Heyl
It’s past time for this clock to be refurbished. It’s called the Heeren Building clock, although you won’t find it adorning that structure because the ...

Heyl: Fracas over Allegheny County restaurant ratings system ends with disserviced public

By Eric Heyl
If your restaurant meal were delayed this long, you’d succumb to starvation first. Allegheny County Council voted 12-1 on Tuesday against a proposed A-B-C rating system for restaurants that would provide consumers with an instant indication of an eatery’s cleanliness. ...

Heyl: Fans defend last vestige of Monroeville Mall’s zombie epidemic

By Eric Heyl
Seldom does a minor mall renovation attract international attention. But the removal of a Monroeville Mall footbridge, a minor footnote in Western Pennsylvania’s rich cinematic ...

Heyl: Letting parents keep kids willy-nilly out of class an educational fiasco

By Eric Heyl
The Holocaust. No big deal, right? There’s no reason elementary or secondary school students need to know about the systematic extermination of six million Jews at the hands of Nazis, not if their parents don’t want them learning about it. ...

Heyl: Chelsa campaign signs uprooted at nonprofit’s office on Mount

By Eric Heyl
A transformation appeared to have occurred. The Mt. Washington Community Development Corp. seemed to have morphed into Chelsa Wagner’s auxiliary campaign headquarters. Good for Wagner, ...

Heyl: Wilkinsburg grad’s experience bolsters criticism of district

By Eric Heyl
Atiya Coston didn’t have an immediate answer to my question. What should be done with Wilkinsburg School District? Coston, a 2013 Wilkinsburg High School graduate, took a few moments to respond when I approached her at the borough library. That’s understandable. ...

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