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Eric Heyl is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His work appears throughout the week. Eric Heyl can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7857

Heyl: Bicyclists get all the love in a city that still prefers 4 wheels

By Eric Heyl 11:09 a.m.
Someone needs to stand up for the gas guzzlers. A rampant anti-car conspiracy appears to be happening in Pittsburgh. At the least, a concerted effort is occurring to inconvenience and irritate motorists by making it more difficult for them to ...

Heyl: Next stop for Pa. lawmakers on game show circuit? ‘Press Your Luck’

By Eric Heyl
And the survey says … clever. U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey is up for re-election next year, and his campaign committee is hard at work. The Toomey camp released an online video lampooning the divide among Democrats over who should challenge ...

Heyl: Street vendor proves a positive attitude can be as good as the taste

By Eric Heyl
It’s true what they say about holidays bringing out the best and worst in people. That notion was reinforced Thursday on National Hot Dog Day. ...

Heyl: Trump masters Santorum’s game: Talking loudly with big shtick

By Eric Heyl
Talk about being trumped at your own game. Rick Santorum is having difficulty gaining traction in his latest White House bid. Unlike his peculiarly strong ...

Heyl: Grassroots effort for broke Homestead cemetery succeeds at more than trimming grass

By Eric Heyl
In a perfect world, volunteers wouldn’t need to cut the grass at Homestead Cemetery. In a perfect world, people wouldn’t have to step over chains ...

Heyl: Last of the salads — and maybe some tears — coming up Saturday at Dunning’s Grill

By Eric Heyl
Since the sign went up on the side of the building, since the note went up in the front window, the place has been swamped. ...

Heyl: Nostalgia not enough to overcome Macy’s lack of customers

By Eric Heyl
Pete Hilliard turned out to be prescient. Until last June, when he unceremoniously was evicted from space he occupied for 25 years, Hilliard operated a ...

Heyl: GOP contenders are split: Minions are despicable or golden henchmen

By Eric Heyl
America has far more pressing issues than foul-mouthed Minions. They’re not nearly as great a menace to the nation as, say, Iran or Russia. Nevertheless, expect the animated yellow creatures to be a topic in the percolating presidential campaign. On the ...

Heyl: Can’t commit to a coop just yet? Renting chickens just got easier

By Eric Heyl
Jenn Tompkins isn’t crying foul over Pittsburgh’s new urban agriculture law. She’s crying “Fowl!” Tompkins and her husband, Phil, are professional poultry providers. As owners of ...

Heyl: Kennywood’s recent issues ‘a bumpy ride’ the park can’t wait to end

By Eric Heyl
What’s happening at Kennywood is enough to cause even Laffin’ Sal to frown in dismay. Sal is the cackling automaton stationed outside the West Mifflin ...

Heyl: Asphalt will remain only marker for once heralded Syria Mosque

By Eric Heyl
Some folks value asphalt much more than others. A perfect example of that blacktop-related truism can be found on Bigelow Boulevard in Oakland, where two ...

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