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Eric Heyl is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His work appears throughout the week. Eric Heyl can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7857

Heyl: Don’t let the naysayers derail Pittsburgh’s bid for Super Bowl LVII

By Eric Heyl
Levi’s coming to town. It’s not a done deal. But it’s all but official that Pittsburgh will be the site of Super Bowl LVII, or ...

Heyl: Communicating in plain English difficult for those fluent in gobbledygook

By Eric Heyl
Those fluent in gobbledygook often find it difficult to speak another language. So it’s not surprising that problems exist with Pittsburgh Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak’s so-called “plain language” bill. It trafficks in the troubles it seeks to correct. In a noble ...

Heyl: It’s time to reinvent view from Mt. Washington with Ferris wheel

By Eric Heyl
Pittsburgh needs to think big, think bold, and most importantly, think tall. Perhaps 10 stories tall. The city should simultaneously embrace its inventive heritage and better ...

Heyl: House bill with 60 cohorts would make strippers pay fee, register

By Eric Heyl
Where would they keep the paperwork while performing? That’s just one of the intriguing questions surrounding proposed legislation in the state House that would ...

Heyl: Flying Confederate flag in Pa. — a Union state, remember — no celebration of heritage

By Eric Heyl
Cliff Ruderer suddenly finds himself selling the most politically incorrect of products. It wasn’t that way a week ago, but massacres have a way of ...

Heyl: Nation’s billionaires clearly fit the bill

By Eric Heyl
A convenient and money-making solution exists to the country’s  currency controversy. If only the political will can be found to implement it. Treasury Secretary Jacob ...

Heyl: Rock-and-roll icons the Rolling Stones deserve a W.Pa. salute

By Eric Heyl
There’s no better time for a Pittsburgh-style salute to the Stones. The Rolling Stones will play on Saturday at Heinz Field, their first concert here ...

Heyl: ‘Me and Earl’ author hooks Hollywood with Pittsburgh offering

By Eric Heyl
Jesse Andrews is a successful author and screenwriter but considers himself more of a professional prevaricator. “All I do is sit around and type stuff ...

Heyl: Truth of Plum School District’s ‘little incident’ dispensed with grain of salt

By Eric Heyl
Time for some truth, Plum School District-style. There seemingly exists only one way to provoke the ire of good-natured Plum school board members, who usually are as cuddly as koalas and probably enjoy being tickled under the chin: Publicize the ...

Pittsburgh organization yet to raise white flag, plans to modernize National Flag Foundation

By Eric Heyl
John Philip Sousa would be aghast. If the composer of “The Stars and Stripes Forever” could see the National Flag Foundation’s state, he’d conclude its ...

Heyl: Late pizza shop owner gets outpouring of love from extended ‘family’

By Eric Heyl
Never suggest Jimmy Forse didn’t have a family. He had a paucity of blood relatives but didn’t lack a caring family. That’s become apparent since ...

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