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Eric Heyl is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His work appears throughout the week. Eric Heyl can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7857

Heyl: Dancer’s comeback made step by step

By Eric Heyl
Nia Frazier will return to The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh on Wednesday not as a patient, but as a performer. Nia, 12, and four other dancers will appear at the pediatric medical center and school for special-needs children. Chances are …

Heyl: Attorney General Kane chose fool’s game

By Eric Heyl
It’s a pity Kathleen Kane didn’t prefer playing squash instead of quash. The former would have provided the state attorney general with an intensive, invigorating cardiovascular workout. What she got from the latter is far less beneficial: migraine-level professional headaches, …

Heyl: Principal’s heroism not up for debate

By Eric Heyl
In the Wild West environment of the Internet, Wyatt Earps abound. They are willing, even eager, to rid Tombstone of its outlaws from the safety of laptops, in the comfort of their bathrobes. They have little regard for those they …

Heyl: Penn Circle comes full, well, you know

By Eric Heyl
Penn Circle, a massive urban redevelopment initiative that for decades devastated the commercial district it paradoxically was created to preserve, died on Tuesday. Mr. Circle of East Liberty was a ring of one-way roads and parking lots surrounding what was …

Pennsylvania Turnpike contract was a steal

By Eric Heyl
What’s an extra $45 million or so between friends? In 2005, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission awarded a no-bid, $58.3 million computer software contract to Colorado-based Ciber Inc. A commission consultant’s report, recently obtained by the Trib, indicated the software should …

Heyl: Carnegie Mellon University admits dyeing error

By Eric Heyl
There’s a new hue in certain CMU loos. Most Carnegie Mellon University announcements are similar in their justifiably self-congratulatory tone: Hey, we took top honors in the Walt Disney Imagineering Competition! Hey, we’re partnering with Yahoo to advance mobile technologies! …

Heyl: Pounds likely to abound in these texts

By Eric Heyl
Big Brother soon might try to dissuade people from downing big burgers. In a creepy, Orwellian sort of way, the federal government is mulling targeting overweight people via text message. The texts would strongly advise them to steer clear of …

Fat chance Pennsylvania legislators will adopt reform

By Eric Heyl
They claim they want to consign the presents to the past. But will they? Let’s examine the chances of that and other unlikely possibilities in another installment of the periodic feature of this space I like to call “Rate the …

Rep. Metcalfe wants English made Pa.’s official language

By Eric Heyl
If you want your vehicle registration form written in Punjabi, you better move fast. In a definitive victory for those who prefer the obvious formalized, state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe has introduced legislation that would declare English as Pennsylvania’s official state …

Oh, Luke, you just can’t hide

By Eric Heyl
Obscurity is not an option. Three objects continue to thwart former Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s effort to quietly fade from the limelight: the computer, the trophy and the portrait. They are among the $200,000 in items discovered missing or damaged …

Graft still a sturdy institution

By Eric Heyl
To: Pennsylvania Department of Problematic Policy staff From: James W. Nettlesome, department deputy director of unfathomable activities Re: Graft inducement update Good news, everyone: Our new graft inducement initiative appears to be working fabulously. As you’ll recall, it was born …

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