Bullskin residents ask supervisors to address flooding issues

| Friday, Aug. 2, 2013, 1:21 a.m.

A few township residents addressed Bullskin supervisors this week about ongoing concerns related to flooding issues that they have been experiencing.

Scott Humbert of Moyer Street asked supervisors about a drain at the end of his property that had been covered.

“Before I moved there the storm drain opening at the end of my property was asphalted over,” Humbert said. “The water now just sits there then goes into my neighbor's house. When it rains, all that water now just sits there in front of my house. I wanted to see about getting it opened up again.”

The supervisors told Humbert that they were working on the problems of drainage in that area and would be burying 18-inch pipes along that roadway that would then detour the water and rain runoff into nearby Irish Run.

“That will move the water down to the creek, then flow into the creek,” Supervisor Deb Wiltrout said. “We are addressing the problem.”

Humbert also asked about having the creek dredged to help keep the banks from overflowing.

“If it's dredged further down, then it wouldn't fill up so fast,” Humbert said, adding that he has been in touch with the Department of Environmental Protection and state Sen. Richard Kasunic to see if he could get any help.

“He needs you to put in an application to get the process going,” Humbert said.

Wiltrout said that although he is aware of the problem, without help, there is not enough funding in the township to do the project.

Ruth Nicklow of Irish Hill Road asked supervisors to again look into a problem she is having with flooding caused by the runoff from her neighbor's newly constructed garage.

The township code enforcement officer delivered a letter to the neighbors telling them they had 10 days to rectify the problem, which is misdirected downspouts.

The letter, dated July 10, reportedly produced no results.

“I can't sleep at night thinking that if it rains, I might get flooded,” Nicklow said, asking if some type of fine can be imposed on her neighbors. “I don't want damages paid and I don't want restitution. I only want the problem to stop.”

Supervisors told Nicklow they would speak to the solicitor to see what actions can be taken.

Motions passed included:

• Hiring a new road laborer who will begin this month.

• Renewing the township's agreement with Bullskin Volunteer Fire Department.

• Continuing health care for Supervisor Bill Geary.

Marilyn Forbes is a contributing writer.

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