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Pittsburgh Eagle Cam

Proudly Sponsored by the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania

About: After an absence of more than 150 years, the bald eagle is back and nesting in the City of Pittsburgh. This historic pair of once endangered raptors are nesting for a second year on a steep bluff above the Monongahela River in Hays near Pittsburgh's South Side. This web cam, sponsored by PixController and the Pennsylvania Game Commission, is the first and only web cam documenting an eagle nest in Pennsylvania.

Please note, extreme cold and other unforeseen circumstances may cause interruptions in the camera feed.

Stork has arrived at Harmar eagle nest

By Mary Ann Thomas
Harmar has an eaglet, too. The hatching of a bald eaglet on the bluff above Route 28 has been confirmed by the Audubon Society of …

Youngest of 3 Hays eaglets eating as parents have provided a lot of food

April 9, 2014
By Mary Ann Thomas
“Feed the small one.” That’s the mantra among webcam watchers at the Pittsburgh eagle nest in Hays, where the tiniest eaglet, which was not expected to survive, is growing and has been seen pushing ahead …

Third eaglet hatches at Hays nest

April 2, 2014
By Mary Ann Thomas
The Pittsburgh eagles are batting three for three, as the once-endangered birds welcomed their third and final eaglet for the season on Wednesday at 2:49 p.m. The hatch was confirmed by PixController, the Murrysville-based company …

Leechburg elementary eagle-watchers make ‘NBC Nightly News’

April 2, 2014
By Braden Ashe
Those watching the Pittsburgh Hays bald eagle’s nest in anticipation of the clutch’s final hatch on Tuesday missed Leechburg Area elementary students on national television for the same thing. Debbi Young’s fifth-grade class at David …

Second eaglet emerges at Pittsburgh nest

March 30, 2014
By Mary Ann Thomas
And then there were two: A second eaglet at the Pittsburgh Hays bald eagle nest hatched Sunday at 7:17 a.m., according to PixController and the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania. This is the second eaglet …

Another eaglet anticipated to hatch soon in Hays nest

March 29, 2014
By Mary Ann Thomas
Two to go: A second eaglet at the Pittsburgh Hays bald eagles nest is expected to hatch within the next several days, according to experts. This is the second nesting season of this historic eagle …

First Pittsburgh bald eagle egg hatches

March 28, 2014
By Liz Hayes and Mary Ann Thomas
And baby makes three ... for now. The first of three eggs laid by the bald eagles nesting in Pittsburgh began to hatch on Friday afternoon. The eaglet was first seen about 2:30 p.m. when …

Hays eagles chat transcript: March 27, 2014

March 27, 2014
By Tribune-Review
Trib Total Media: Thanks for joining us today. We’re with Brian, Rachel and Jim here at Audubon Society of Western Pa. headquarters, and we’re going to start answering any questions you have about the eagles, …

Hays bald eagles await first hatching

March 26, 2014
By Mary Ann Thomas
The first chick of the season for the bald eagle pair in Pittsburgh’s Hays neighborhood is expected to hatch Wednesday. Eagle fever continues to soar as “pip watch” is on with viewers waiting for the first eagle chick to “pip,” or break through, its egg shell. The chick uses a …

Eagle numbers soaring in Armstrong County

March 24, 2014
By Brad Pedersen
There are as many bald eagles in Crooked Creek Park in Manor now as there were statewide only 30 years ago. “We see them flying around on a daily basis, which is enough to give …

Harmar bald eagles get crack at parenting

March 4, 2014
By Mary Ann Thomas
It appears the stork has paid a visit to the Harmar eagles. The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that the birds are likely sitting on eggs. Experts thought that the birds …

Hays eagle fends off marauding raptor

February 28, 2014
By Liz Hayes
Hours after defending their nest from a midnight raccoon raid, the Pittsburgh bald eagles had another unwelcome visitor Thursday afternoon. A juvenile bald eagle flew around the nest about 1:30 p.m. Thursday, according to Bill Powers, president and CEO of PixController. The Murrysville-based company teamed with the Pennsylvania Game Commission …

Hays eagle fends off raccoon attack

February 27, 2014
By Mary Ann Thomas
A raccoon attacked the bald eagles nest in Hays early late Wednesday night. The bird sitting on the eggs, presumably the female eagle, reared up and scared the predatory animal off. All three eggs seem to be intact, according to Bill Powers, CEO and president of PixController of Murrysville, the …

Pittsburgh eagle delivers third egg of season

February 25, 2014
By Liz Hayes
The female bald eagle nesting in the Hays section of Pittsburgh laid a third egg on Tuesday. Likely the last egg that will be laid this season, it was spotted about 6:40 p.m. by Bill …

Eagle populations take off in urban areas

February 23, 2014
By Mary Ann Thomas
The annoying beeps from trucks backing up in a scrapyard and the throttling of a live rail line haven’t dissuaded a pair of bald eagles from nesting for a second season on a desolate bluff …

Hulton Bridge construction will preclude parking near raptors’ nesting site

February 23, 2014
By Mary Ann Thomas
The bald eagles nesting high above Route 28 in Harmar will be getting some privacy this year. Yes, the eagles have been sighted frequenting the nest site, but parking for bird-watchers did not return this year. Last year, crowds with binoculars, spotting scopes and cameras assembled in a parking lot …

Hays eagle lays second egg

February 22, 2014
By Mary Ann Thomas
The Hays female eagle laid her second egg around 4:18 p.m. Saturday, according to Bill Powers, President of PixController, the Murrysville company that set up a live-streaming nest cam at the site. This historic pair of birds, the first to nest in the City of Pittsburgh proper for more than …

Hays bald eagles are expecting

February 19, 2014
By Mary Ann Thomas
A pair of bald eagles in Pittsburgh had an “egg-ceptional” day Wednesday as the female laid her first egg in the couple’s nest. The pair, nesting on a bluff above the Monongahela River in Hays, …

Residents excited by bald eagles’ return to Harmar nesting area

January 31, 2014
By Mary Ann Thomas
The Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania report multiple sightings of the pair of bald eagles that attempted to nest high above Route 28 in Harmar last year. Bo Anderson, a …

‘Average’ bird count called good sign

January 2, 2014
By Mary Ann Thomas
Two bald eagles circling over a nesting site in Harmar and volunteers counting tens of thousands of crows in Pittsburgh were among the highlights of the Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count in Pittsburgh and northern Allegheny County. About 150 participants turned out to tally 67 species of birds and more …

Webcam installed to capture activities in Hays eagles’ nest

December 23, 2013
By Mary Ann Thomas
The Pennsylvania Game Commission and a Murrysville company have set up the state’s first eagles’ nest video camera in the Hays section of Pittsburgh for live streaming on the Internet. Workers from the commission and …

Excitement mounts for return of Harmar eagles

December 23, 2013
By Mary Ann Thomas
By all indications, it’s shaping up to be a great season for eagle nesting at three locations in Allegheny County, maybe more, according to state and local naturalists. “It’s unfolding as I thought,” said Bob Mulvihill, an ornithologist with the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. “I had no idea that the …