Artists, musicians get a new showcase in West Overton

| Saturday, June 22, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Proving that it is the eye and not the tools that make a true artist, the Rev. Bob Lubic of the Catholic Churches of Connellsville has taken photos using only his iPhone, taking photography to new lengths, as a variety of his photographs will be featured in the premiere of the Wednesdays at West Overton that will take place starting at 6 p.m. this Wednesday.

A new event that will be held on the last Wednesday of every month through fall, Wednesdays at West Overton will be held in the distillery as a way to showcase the newly remodeled and renovated facility, mixing in the talents of local artists and live music to create an interesting and informal evening of fun.

“The Wednesdays at West Overton will be casual fun that everyone can enjoy,” West Overton Village and Museums managing director Jessica Kadie-Barclay said. “They will be another way for people to come and rediscover West Overton.”

Kadie-Barclay said that Lubic's photography was recommended to them, and they are thrilled to have his work, which will number 15 to 25 photos that will be displayed.

Lubic, who is humble about his work, has enjoyed taking photos with his phone, a nontraditional form of serious photography that he said suits his active lifestyle.

“I never really bothered taking photographs until I got my first iPhone about 5 years ago,” Lubic said.

“I had been in Germany a few months before. at the behest of a friend who is a military chaplain; he asked me to give a retreat to his parishioners, and I wouldn't have even had a camera had not several parishioners given me disposable cameras for the trip. It was a challenge to make sure I actually made use of them. Several months after obtaining the iPhone, I went to Hawaii with another priest-friend who was very irritated that I was constantly stopping to take pictures. ‘I thought you didn't take pictures,' he would constantly say. I guess the difference was the convenience of always having the camera with me.“

Lubic said that it was suggested to him that he purchase more traditional photographic equipment, but he feels more comfortable with the way he has been taking his photographs, and having a phone with him is more convenient.

“When people have suggested that I get a ‘real' camera, I balk because I know that I wouldn't carry it with me, and I'd miss so many opportunities,” Lubic said.

Lubic said that as a child, he spent a brief period experimenting with his parents' new 35mm camera, but it was a short-lived hobby.

“There was a brief moment in my childhood when my parents first got a good 35 mm camera and I spent a few weeks taking ‘artistic' shots, like a royal flush floating in our swimming pool and a wine glass filled with Cherokee Red sitting on a tree stump in our backyard, but that didn't last long.”

Lubic's work will be displayed as 18-by-24-inch works on canvas as well as matted 8-by10-inch prints.

“We will have a different local artist each month,” said Kadie-Barclay, adding that there will be refreshments and beverages at the functions as well as music supplied by Blues Passport. “We hope to create another new experience for the community here at West Overton.”

Cost for the event, held from 6 to 8 p.m., will be a donation of $5 or more.

Marilyn Forbes is a freelance writer.

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