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The McConway & Torley foundry fight: Eco-wackos & hipsters vs. jobs

McConway & Torley LLC sounds like the name of one of those law firms that remind “there’s no charge unless we get money for you.” It’s not. It’s a 147-year-old …

Sunday pops

Writing at , Benji Hart says destroying police cars and torching businesses, as rioters in Baltimore did last week, is a legitimate political strategy. “Calling them uncivilized, and encouraging …

The Box

Dear marathoners: The wind at your back would be nice; a “second wind” would be even better. Yours, Old Man River. …

An M4 fix: Get on with giving our Army a better gun

The Army is surveying gunmakers about upgrading its troops’ mainstay firearm, the M4. Experts tell The Washington Times that move is “a tacit admission that (the Army) has been supplying …

Saturday essay: Classified dreamers

There’s nothing quite like receiving the latest gardening-related magazine. After all, each issue typically is jam-packed with good old-fashioned practical advice coupled with a healthy sprinkling of intriguing new ideas. …

Only in Ford City: More of the same

Ford City officials in August asked the Economic Development Administration if it would accept a $150,000 payment to settle a $581,000 debt that the borough has with the federal agency. …

Letters to the Editor

No speed cameras

Every year, PennDOT declares a Work Zone Safety Week to encourage drivers to slow down …

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Return of the Reformicons

By Morton Kondracke
Last year, a group of mainly young conservative intellectuals made a splash with a document titled “Room to Grow,” attempting to outline policies that would ...

Whack ‘em!: Evan chimpanzees know what do with privacy-invading drones

By Peter J. Roman
Recently at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo in the Netherlands, a drone outfitted with a video camera was dispatched into a chimp’s domicile to record activities. ...

Who creates jobs? (Pssst! Not government!)

By John Stossel
I took a camera to Times Square last week and asked people, “What creates jobs?” Most had no answer. One said, “Stimulus!” What? Government creates jobs? No! I suppose it’s natural that people think government creates jobs because politicians always say ...

Egypt’s judiciary is a willing participant in repression

By Sharif Abdel Kouddous
Egypt’s ousted president, Mohamed Morsy, was sentenced last month to 20 years in prison without parole on charges related to the killing of 10 protesters. ...


By Tribune-Review
“You’re not supposed to say this in polite company, but what went up in flames in Baltimore Monday night was not merely a senior center, small businesses and police cars. Burning down was also the blue-city model of urban governance. ...

How right was Joe McCarthy?

By Paul Kengor
My April 5 column for the Trib, “Lies, damned lies & Hollywood communists,” elicited some strong reaction, especially regarding Joe McCarthy, who, despite perceptions to ...

The scientific consensus on guns

By David Hemenway
After the Sandy Hook tragedy, reporters often called me to ask for information on firearms. They wanted to know whether strong gun laws reduced homicide ...

Bitter nuclear lessons

By The Chicago Tribune
What’s North Korea done lately besides rage against Hollywood over the “The Interview”? Build more nuclear bombs. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Chinese nuclear experts have told some American counterparts that North Korea’s nuclear weapons stockpile is larger ...

Colin McNickle

Colin McNickle
Threads from the verge
R ep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., says allowing his girlfriend and airline industry lobbyist Shelley Rubino to lobby every other member …

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Salena Zito

Salena Zito
Which way to turn?
WASHINGTON We all face some sort of intersection in our lives. Sometimes, if we aren’t paying attention, we miss that …

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Brad Bumsted

Brad Bumsted
All eyes are on Risa Vetri Ferman in Kathlen Kane case
HARRISBURG The release of a grand jury report outlining why prosecutors think Attorney General Kathleen Kane should be charged with …

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Eric Heyl

Eric Heyl
Heyl: Chelsa campaign signs uprooted at nonprofit’s office on Mount
A transformation appeared to have occurred. The Mt. Washington Community Development Corp. seemed to have morphed into Chelsa Wagner’s auxiliary …

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Luis Fábregas

Luis Fábregas
Share glass of bubbly champagne to restore caring, dignity, humanity to dying
SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Dr. Abraham Verghese is drawn to the idea of offering champagne to a  dying patient. Sounds …

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Q and A

What would Tom think?
Roger Beckett is executive director of Ashland University’s Ashbrook Center, whose mission is to help schools across the country foster …

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Page of Books

Primer for general readers encourages constitutional debate
The way in which father-and-son co-authors Michael Stokes Paulsen and Luke Paulsen wrote “The Constitution: An Introduction” (Basic Books, available …

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Joseph Sabino Mistick

The real story in Baltimore’s aftermath
In the days following the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., some Pittsburgh neighborhoods were in flames, rumors of …

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Tom Purcell

Where’s Dad?
I didn’t know it when I was young, but I was one of the luckiest young men on the planet. …

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Ralph R. Reiland

The last line of defense?
The job of the Transportation Security Administration, with its $7.3 billion budget and 45,000 screeners, is to prevent another 9/11 …

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George F. Will

Remembering the Lusitania
WASHINGTON Owning a fragment of history — a Gettysburg bullet, a Coolidge campaign button — is fun, so in 1968 …

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Donald J. Boudreaux

The ‘champion’ ruse
In the insipid launch of her latest bid for the presidency, Hillary Clinton said, “Everyday Americans need a champion and …

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Heavy Boston snow lightens Kerry’s wallet
John Kerry has no trouble flying to Kiev for a diplomatic mission, but he apparently can’t make it to Kmart …

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