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The rise of ISIS: Obama’s bus

It’s a pretty safe bet that President Obama won’t be invited to the CIA’s Christmas party this year. Mr. Obama, in an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday, once …

Pittsburgh Tuesday takes

Buctober arrives: The Pittsburgh Pirates welcome the Giants of San Francisco to PNC Park on Wednesday night in the one-and-done National League wild-card game. Not only is this the Battlin’ …

Greensburg Tuesday takes

Sickening: In the latest allegation of a Catholic priest gone bad, federal authorities say the Rev. Joseph D. Maurizio, 69, pastor of a Somerset County parish before he was suspended …

Alle-Kiski Tuesday takes

Time to go: Former Harmar Police Chief Rick Toney pleaded guilty Thursday to tampering with the 2009 township election that put his wife, Kim, and Jerry Chalmers on the Harmar …

The climate debate: Better science

A new study, surely unsettling for “settled science” climate cluckers, concludes that natural change in ocean winds, not human activity, accounts for the rise in Pacific Northwest temperatures over more …

U.N. Watch: Fanning hate’s flames

In the on-again, off-again Gaza “conflict,” the United Nations hasn’t merely failed its stated mission — that members should “practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another” — …

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Figures conflict

The wire story “White House touts $5.7B in savings on cost of uninsured” claims that …

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War protocol debates hamstring our defense efforts

By Jonah Goldberg
Fox News host Bill O’Reilly wants a mercenary army to supply the ground forces in the latest installment of the war on terror. And it seems the smart set can’t stop laughing. The Washington Post’s media blogger, Erik Wemple, called …

This is not our fight

By Bernard E. Trainor
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his band of ISIS zealots received international attention for their brutality and lightning sweep across Iraq, but the United States should know better than to respond with a clarion call to battle. We have already been …

Colorado’s guv in trouble

By Michelle Malkin
D.C. journalists called the latest Quinnipiac University poll results in Colorado’s tight gubernatorial race a “shocker.” But it’s a surprise only if you’ve been hopelessly trapped in a Beltway echo chamber. Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper is down 10 points against …

The race for governor: How Tom Corbett would address 3 pressing Pennsylvania issues

By Tom Corbett
Through hard work, innovation, strong leadership, a commitment to smaller government and lower taxes, the Corbett-Cawley administration is succeeding in building a stronger Pennsylvania. When …

The race for governor: How Tom Wolf would address 3 pressing Pennsylvania issues

By Tom Wolf
For nearly two years, I have traveled the commonwealth talking with workers, business owners and struggling families about the need for a fresh start to …

Two anti-choice parties

By John Stossel
Democrats often call themselves “pro-choice.” Republicans defend “freedom.” Unfortunately, neither party really believes in letting individuals do what we want. When Democrats say they are “pro-choice,” they are talking about abortion. Some act as if a right to legal abortion …

Uber currency

By Antony Davies & James R. Harrigan
Bitcoin — an electronic currency that, like the Internet, isn’t controlled by anyone — is becoming a real-life currency. Tens of thousands of retailers accept …


By Tribune-Review
“(Barack) Obama has now bombed seven different Muslim countries, compared to (George W.) Bush’s four. Liberals are outraged, obviously, at the prospect of innocent Syrian lives being lost in U.S. airstrikes, and are beginning to organize anti-war protests and ‘die-ins’ …

Colin McNickle

Colin McNickle
Make Tom Wolf run through the weeds, Governor
“I don’t want to get into the weeds of the math,” Democrat gubernatorial nominee Tom Wolf said during a campaign …

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Salena Zito

Salena Zito
Lament of the fed-up voter
FOND DU LAC, Wis. — Marv Rach spent 38 of his 69 years as a registered Democrat. Now the Vietnam …

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Brad Bumsted

Brad Bumsted
The real Tom Corbett emerges
HARRISBURG — There have been few really good moments for Gov. Tom Corbett in his race for re-election against York …

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Eric Heyl

Eric Heyl
Time running out for Corbett to find mud that sticks to Wolf
For Gov. Tom Corbett to have any chance of being re-elected, Republicans quickly have to ramp up the mudslinging. The …

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Nafari Vanaski

Nafari Vanaski
Vanaski: No different treatment for Hope
What do you call it when a woman is charged with domestic violence? Apparently, the answer to that question is …

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Luis Fábregas

Luis Fábregas
Fabregas: Delaying Pa. medical marijuana bill hurts some who could benefit
Don’t let the weed smoke fool you. Just because the Pennsylvania Senate this week passed a medical marijuana bill, it …

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Q and A

Exploiting the Achilles’ heel of ISIS
Graeme Wood is a contributing editor to The New Republic and The Atlantic and the books editor of Pacific Standard. …

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Page of Books

How a lasting Mideast treaty came to be
The Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty negotiated at Camp David in 1978 and signed at the White House in 1979 — still …

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Joseph Sabino Mistick

‘Is that all there is?’: The race for Pa. governor
If you caught the first Pennsylvania gubernatorial debate last week, you might have picked up an earworm, one of those …

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Tom Purcell

Religion & morality
Get this: Religious and nonreligious people are equally prone to immoral acts. So finds a new study by Saint Peter’s …

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Ralph R. Reiland

Upward redistribution
The people at my local pharmacy ask the same question every time I pick up my prescription. “Do you have …

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George F. Will

A battle royal in Iowa for a U.S. Senate seat
URBANDALE, Iowa The Machine Shed restaurant, where the waitresses wear bib overalls and suggest a cinnamon roll the size of …

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Donald J. Boudreaux

Bad arguments for good policy
History and sound analysis supply many reasons for those of us who celebrate mass prosperity to support free markets. Yet …

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Pa. tops for campaign TV spending
Weary of seeing campaign commercials every time you turn on the TV? You should be. Pennsylvania has the dubious distinction …

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