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Your right to know: Those racy emails

Pennsylvanians’ right to know how state government conducts their business must extend to records showing state employees doing things other than the public’s business, too. That’s why sexually explicit emails …

What day is it? It’s Constitution Day

Marking the 227th anniversary of the signing of the world’s longest-surviving written charter of government, today’s Constitution Day is a time to honor the Framers’ wisdom — and to remember …

An independent Scotland? Think again

Independence is a powerful elixir. The specter of running one’s own affairs and charting one’s own course surely is part of humankind’s DNA. But independence can be a fickle drink. …

Pittsburgh Tuesday takes

The new chief: Cameron McLay, Pittsburgh’s new police chief, is on the job this week. And last week he set the tone for his command, one based on integrity. That’s …

Greensburg Tuesday takes

More pension headaches: Greensburg is among municipalities stung by the rising expense of antiquated police pensions, the cost for which is projected to exceed $1.2 million next year. That’s a …

Alle-Kiski Tuesday takes

New Ken crime: New Kensington has violent crime problems. Recent weeks have seen citizen complaints, increased attention to the crime watches and, on Thursday, a Peace Walk to spotlight the …

Letters to the Editor

Pass HB 1722 for students’ sake

With only a few days left in the legislative session, we urge the Pennsylvania House …

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What would Braveheart do?

By Pat Buchanan
No matter how the vote turns out on Thursday in Scotland, either for independence or continued union with Britain, the disintegration of the Old Continent appears almost inevitable. Already the British government has conceded that even if the Scots vote …

Why branding ISIS matters

By Charles C. Haynes
“ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State — or whatever you want to call it.” That’s how one NPR reporter referred to the new face of terror as the United States prepares for another long, hard struggle against a brutal enemy of humanity. …

The plunder funding ISIS

By Mark V. Vlasic
As President Obama moves ahead with his plan to confront the so-called Islamic State, all options, as they say, should be on the table. Thus, while “kinetic force” is a likely focus, the terrorism financing must not be overlooked. By …

No good reason for Scottish independence

By Brendan Simms and Jason Pack
The gravest immediate threat to the West’s long-term security does not emanate from Vladimir Putin or from the Islamic State. Surprisingly, it comes from peace-loving Scots. Polls now show a majority of Scots supporting independence in the referendum set for …

Jihadists’ eternal hatred

By Michelle Malkin
Here’s the first and last rule of Islamic jihad: If at first you don’t succeed, plot, plot again. These bloodthirsty hijackers — of planes, freedom and civilization — have conspired for decades to inflict modern mass murder on the West. …

Iran’s nuclear weapons program continues to sail along

By John Bolton
Iran’s nuclear weapons program, now operating largely outside Barack Obama’s attention span, is still making steady progress. While Ukraine’s crisis and the creation of the …

Vladimir Putin must be confronted over Ukraine

By Trudy Rubin
In 1949, George Orwell published “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” his famous portrait of a totalitarian regime whose “Ministry of Truth” spews rank propaganda called “Newspeak” that turns …

The Scottish question: Splitting from the U.K.

By The Chicago Tribune
Across the pond, the pleated skirts and tartan kilts are all aflutter: Come Thursday, Scottish voters will decide whether to sever the 307-year-old union that binds them to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Owing to ancestry, tribalism, grudges or all …

Colin McNickle

Colin McNickle
Seriously? Seriously
How unserious is the Obama administration about eradicating the terrorist group known as ISIS? So unserious that Secretary of State …

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Salena Zito

Salena Zito
Dems’ coalition showing signs of strain
After winning the presidency, Andrew Jackson sent a message to Congress suggesting that the office be extended to six years …

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Brad Bumsted

Brad Bumsted
The friends pols keep
HARRISBURG Should a politician be judged by the political friends he keeps and the incumbents to whom he donates large …

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Eric Heyl

Eric Heyl
Heyl: Cats and dogs: It’s what’s for dinner in Pennsylvania
Largely because of pigeons, it likely will remain legal to eat dogs and cats in Pennsylvania. Bear with me. This …

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Nafari Vanaski

Nafari Vanaski
Vanaski: Of Rice and Men: NFL fails
Oh, for heaven’s sake, NFL, just take him back already. You know you want to. You know as well as …

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Luis Fábregas

Luis Fábregas
Highmark site causes confusion for some doctors’ patients
It’s no secret that Dr. Steve Shapiro is no fan of health insurance giant Highmark Inc. He appeared on one of …

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Q and A

Benghazi truths
Mitchell Zuckoff is a Boston University journalism professor and author. He spoke to the Trib regarding his new book, “13 …

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Page of Books

Race, class, steel strike & football: 1959 in Western Pennsylvania
In “Striking Gridiron: A Town’s Pride and a Team’s Shot at Glory During the Biggest Strike in American History” (Thomas …

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Joseph Sabino Mistick

Nixon’s pardon: The 3rd man in the ring
Forty years ago last week, President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard M. Nixon. Nixon resigned the presidency a month earlier, clearing …

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Tom Purcell

Obama learns of Pearl Harbor
Dec. 7, 1941: An aide enters the Oval Office with grim news for President Barack Obama. “Mr. President, the Japanese …

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Ralph R. Reiland

From Birmingham to Ferguson
“My parents were classic civil rights people,” explains Shelby Steele, author and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford …

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George F. Will

Extremism in defense of re-election
WASHINGTON Since Barry Goldwater, accepting the Republicans’ 1964 presidential nomination, said “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice,” …

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Donald J. Boudreaux

Still free to choose in Hong Kong
HONG KONG Thirty-five years ago, Rose and Milton Friedman traveled to Hong Kong to film some segments of their 10-part …

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Lights, Camera, action!
The link between Pennsylvania politics and Grade-B horror movies is greater than first thought. Democrat gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf took …

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