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Brad Bumsted is a state Capitol reporter for the Trib. Brad Bumsted can be reached via e-mail or at 717-787-1405

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The Penn State ‘conspiracy’

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG Here’s the theory of some ardent Penn State fans, anti-Tom Corbett folks, conspiracy theorists and just some flat-out cynics: They’re highly suspect of Corbett’s …

The friends pols keep

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG Should a politician be judged by the political friends he keeps and the incumbents to whom he donates large sums of campaign money? Some would argue it’s guilt by association. Others, such as Mike Barley, campaign manager for Republican …

No matter who wins the Pa. governor’s race, gridlock will continue in Harrisburg

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG Here’s a question pondered quite a bit at the Capitol: Who will have a more difficult time working with the Legislature, Democrat Tom Wolf or Republican incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett? The answer is “Tom.” If Republicans keep control of …

Corbett administration fumbled Tomalis response

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG The saga of Ronald Tomalis, the former state Education secretary and a top adviser to Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, is a case study in …

How Corbett could still win

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG — It runs against the grain, no question. But here’s how Republican Gov. Tom Corbett could be re-elected in November and make a historic …

Tom Corbett’s inexplicable lapse

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG Republican Gov. Tom Corbett is either arrogant or politically tone deaf. Corbett earned a reputation as attorney general putting corrupt pols behind bars. His critics say recent events show Corbett appeared to hold himself above the law while governor. …

Corbett sends a signal

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG Republican Gov. Tom Corbett touched off an internal party war by vetoing one-fifth of the state Legislature’s operating funds because the House and Senate hadn’t approved pension reform. The veto won’t bring the Legislature to its knees. It still …

Have you seen the Pa. piggies ... ?

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG After the shocking revelation that four state lawmakers were videotaped taking cash from an undercover informant, it seemed a virtual lock that the Pennsylvania …

Welcome to Harrisburg, Tom Wolf

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG A $29.1 billion state budget, taped together with more one-time fixes and raids on state funds than normal, would get the General Assembly past the November election. Approved by the Republican-controlled Senate and House, the no-tax-hike plan was sent …

Kathleen Kane’s failed gambit

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG There was a clear disconnect between Kathleen Kane’s report on the Jerry Sandusky investigation compiled by a special deputy and Kane’s remarks about it at a news conference. The report was evenhanded and factual. Her remarks relied heavily on …

Tom Corbett’s rock & hard place

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG Political insiders believe Republican Gov. Tom Corbett is between a rock and a hard place on levying a Marcellus shale severance tax. If during …

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