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Dishonoring the sacrifices of the fallen

By Colin Mcnickle
The Internal Revenue Service illegally targeted nonprofit conservative groups, those seeking legal tax-exempt status to engage in political speech, for special scrutiny. Not only did the IRS harass these groups, it infringed on their First Amendment rights. Is this for ...

Airing out the ‘Burgh’s air quality

By Colin Mcnickle
To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, opinions are as various as faces. As can be the interpretation of facts. As the latest clucking, squawking and hissing over Pittsburgh’s supposedly horrid air quality illustrates. Year after year — and with less credibility each ...

Real Pa. legislative reform takes guts still unseen

By Colin Mcnickle
Former Pennsylvania Republican operative Joe Sterns continues to stir the pot of contrarianism. It was back in February that he threw a metaphorical grenade into the tent of Erik Arneson, the still-in-dispute director of the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records. ...

Threads from the verge

By Colin Mcnickle
R ep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., says allowing his girlfriend and airline industry lobbyist Shelley Rubino to lobby every other member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee he chairs, but not him, “is above and beyond what the rules require ...

Step right up for a $10.10 minimum wage? No thanks

By Colin Mcnickle
Cue the barker! Bring on the hurdy-gurdy man! Yes, the carnival is back in town, kids! Gather ’round for the latest performance by that favorite group, The Confidence Men! Wait till you hear about their latest trick! A study released ...

Bite the pickle, Bill Shuster

By Colin Mcnickle
Bill Shuster finds himself in a perception pickle this Sunday. Or is he being steeped in the pickle juice of reality? Even though the affable and powerful eight-term Pennsylvania congressman who chairs the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee appears to, ...

Articles of bad faith

By Colin Mcnickle
What is it about human nature that makes us consider as articles of faith so many things to be true that are patently false? Take, for instance, a Thursday decision by the California Fish and Game Commission to adopt regulations ...

Remembering ‘Coach’: An appreciation of Gordon Downie

By Colin Mcnickle
We laid a great man to rest on Saturday afternoon in the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle. “We” were the once-inseparable friends who were teammates on the early and mid 1970s championship cross-country teams ...

Colin McNickle is on vacation

By Colin Mcnickle
Colin McNickle is on vacation ...

Notes from the margins

By Colin Mcnickle
P resident Obama, thinking out loud last week (which can be a dangerous thing for anybody but particularly for a prompter-less Mr. Obama), appeared to endorse making voting a mandatory endeavor. He cited the Australian example in which violators even ...

Stan Evans & the conservative experience

By Colin Mcnickle
M. Stanton Evans, one of the founders of the modern conservative movement, died Tuesday last at the age of 80. But one has to wonder how many of today’s conservatives fully appreciate his contributions to conservatism or, worse, fully understand ...

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