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Getting to know ‘Joe Smith’

By Colin Mcnickle 9:00 p.m.
Joe Smith wouldn’t know me from Adam. But I know all about Joe Smith. Joe Smith is not the real name of the subject of today’s column. His name and that of his former employer — The Wild Widget Co. — ...

Gobble, gobble, gobbledygook

By Colin Mcnickle
Just in time for Thanksgiving, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has joined city officials around the world in signing on to something called the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact. It’s described as “an  effort dedicated to the creation of just and ...

A brokered GOP convention? Bring it on!

By Colin Mcnickle
Once upon a time, in a galaxy full of partisan planets far, far away, political parties held something called “presidential nominating conventions.” And they could be raucous affairs. Delegates were primped, pimped (as in idealized in politics beyond what ...

The Exxon Mobil case: Prosecution over a postulation?

By Colin Mcnickle
The debate over “climate change” has taken yet another Orwellian turn. And it should send chills up and down the spines of thinking people everywhere. It now looks as if “The State,” unable to gain much, if any, traction ...

Chew on these nuggets

By Colin Mcnickle
And the award for  Absolute Best Campaign Commercial in a Non-Contested (Well, Kinda) General Election goes to Allegheny County Chief Executive Rich Fitzgerald. The Democrat ACE, seeking a second term, is running an upbeat, yet humble, television commercial asking ...

It’s the chatter, class

By Colin Mcnickle
One of the wags with whom a certain scrivener regularly is engaged reminds that Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf, along with state House and Senate Democrats, have avoided appointing their members to open seats on the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority. Better known ...

Notes on the state of things

By Colin Mcnickle
The Pennsylvania Insurance Department is capping some premium increases for ObamaCare health plans. If insurers don’t eat the difference — that won’t happen nor should it happen — two things will happen: The cost either will be shifted to ...

The lie that defines Heather Arnet’s Pa. Senate campaign

By Colin Mcnickle
What gives politics a bad name or an even worse name than it already had? At least in this election cycle it’s the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, its executive director, Joe Aronson, and Heather Arnet, of Mt. Lebanon, the ...

The pocket-picking, market-perverting charade of RACP

By Colin Mcnickle
A new study published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University exposes the sobering reality of Pennsylvania’s state-sanctioned corporate wealthfare. Researcher Adam Millsap looked at the Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) from 2010 to 2013. It’s a program ...

A smart energy plan for Pittsburgh?

By Colin Mcnickle
The Allegheny Institute’s Jake Haulk calls plans to build out Pittsburgh’s centralized steam heat- and power-generation capacity “not a bad idea or effort.” And that’s high kudos from the Ph.D. economist who heads the public policy think tank whose hallmark ...

Colin McNickle is on vacation

By Tribune-Review
Colin McNickle is on vacation ...

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