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The economics of the ignorami

By Colin Mcnickle
The Obama administration, led by its Council of Economic Advisers, obviously put in a lot of overtime to obfuscate the herd of elephants in the room in the June jobs report. It touted the creation of 223,000 jobs last month ...

A gun myth & a stripper’s lament

By Colin Mcnickle
Day in and day out, Americans increasingly find their fundamental liberties under attack. Here are two of the latest examples (two of many, mind you) as we prepare to celebrate yet another Independence Day: • In the latest spate of ...

‘Free’ speech & the license plate

By Colin Mcnickle
The court’s decision passes off private speech as government speech and, in doing so, establishes a precedent that threatens private speech that government finds displeasing. That’s how Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito opened his dissent to the high court’s 5-4 ...

Of park rangers & Penguins payback

By Colin Mcnickle
Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto says having uniformed rangers in city and Allegheny County parks likely will provide an extra sense of security and an “extra sense of wonderment.” But considering these rangers won’t be armed and can’t write citations, one ...

Eco-farces & ‘ziggin’’ & zaggin’’

By Colin Mcnickle 9:00 p.m.
’Twas a rough day Thursday last for the forces of environmental farce, nationally and locally: • A long-awaited Environmental Protection Agency report concluded that fracking does not pose the kind of manifest danger to drinking water about which the eco-left ...

Colin McNickle is on vacation

By Colin Mcnickle
Colin McNickle is on vacation ...

Dishonoring the sacrifices of the fallen

By Colin Mcnickle
The Internal Revenue Service illegally targeted nonprofit conservative groups, those seeking legal tax-exempt status to engage in political speech, for special scrutiny. Not only did the IRS harass these groups, it infringed on their First Amendment rights. Is this for ...

Airing out the ‘Burgh’s air quality

By Colin Mcnickle
To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, opinions are as various as faces. As can be the interpretation of facts. As the latest clucking, squawking and hissing over Pittsburgh’s supposedly horrid air quality illustrates. Year after year — and with less credibility each ...

Real Pa. legislative reform takes guts still unseen

By Colin Mcnickle
Former Pennsylvania Republican operative Joe Sterns continues to stir the pot of contrarianism. It was back in February that he threw a metaphorical grenade into the tent of Erik Arneson, the still-in-dispute director of the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records. ...

Threads from the verge

By Colin Mcnickle
R ep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., says allowing his girlfriend and airline industry lobbyist Shelley Rubino to lobby every other member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee he chairs, but not him, “is above and beyond what the rules require ...

Step right up for a $10.10 minimum wage? No thanks

By Colin Mcnickle
Cue the barker! Bring on the hurdy-gurdy man! Yes, the carnival is back in town, kids! Gather ’round for the latest performance by that favorite group, The Confidence Men! Wait till you hear about their latest trick! A study released ...

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