A lot of 'Waaaaa!' (& a few short shots)

| Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

he Toledo, Ohio, Block Bugler has taken the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police to task for revealing, in a general press release, information asked and gathered by its reporters in a murder-suicide investigation for which city gendarmes weren't much forthcoming with information. And indeed, it appears to have been a bush-league performance by the chief and his public information officer.

That said, however, I can't seem to recall that The Bugler expressed any outrage when the functionaries of a prior city administration pretty much hand-delivered to The Bugler information gathered by the Trib on how the city was planning to address its looming pension crisis.

Neither can I remember any outrage when a certain functionary of a certain future United States senator lied ­— LIED — about the “readiness” of a commentary submitted to the Trib with the sole purpose of acceding to The Bugler's wishes to be able to publish that same “unready” commentary exclusively the very next day.

So, it's OK to benefit from such bush-league actions but when the bush league is turned, so to speak, well, that's another story, is that it? Waaaaa! ...

One of President Obama's illegal “recess appointments” to the National Labor Relations Board is coming back to bite him.

A federal lawsuit in California — filed by members of Local 501 of the International Union of Operating Engineers — alleges that sitting NLRB member Richard Griffin, the union's one-time general counsel, and others violated numerous provisions of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, better known as the RICO Act.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Mr. Griffin was served with the complaint last month. He's accused of engaging in a conspiracy in 2009 to manipulate the local's operations.

The NLRB's not talking. Griffin, through an attorney, denies the civil allegations.

Of course, anybody can file a lawsuit against anybody else alleging anything at all. But its very filing does not reflect very favorably on a gent who ascended to his federal post under bogus “recess” circumstances and without the vetting of a public Senate confirmation, a process that would have aired these allegations. ...

The same Chamber of Commerce that supported President Obama's “stimulus” packages, which only retarded America's economic recovery and helped to explode the national debt, now is calling for entitlement and tax reform and federal spending restraint.

Funny how quickly these Sycophants for Obama change their tune when the rancidness of “progressivism” becomes intolerable. ...

If you want a graphic idea of how imbecilic “progressivism” truly is, consider the words of Dean Baker of the far left Center for Economic and Policy Research, which is funded by no fewer than five labor unions and an assortment of leftist foundations.

In response to a vow by Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., to draw a line in the sand over the coming debt ceiling debate “by getting spending under control and restructuring the entitlement programs” — Mr. Baker accuses Mr. Toomey of holding an “extraordinarily radical position ... for an elected official.”

Good grief, talk about living in a parallel universe. These “progressive” cats truly are bent on scuttling this nation. Perhaps Baker should rebrand his group as the Center for Fascistic Economic and Socialist Policy Research.

Colin McNickle is Trib Total Media's director of editorial pages (412-320-7836 or cmcnickle@tribweb.com).

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