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Colin McNickle Columns

Threads from the verge

By Colin Mcnickle
R ep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., says allowing his girlfriend and airline industry lobbyist Shelley Rubino to lobby every other member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee he chairs, but not him, “is above and beyond what the rules require ...

Salena Zito Columns

Which way to turn?

By Salena Zito
WASHINGTON We all face some sort of intersection in our lives. Sometimes, if we aren’t paying attention, we miss that focal point of decision and ...

Brad Bumsted Columns

All eyes are on Risa Vetri Ferman in Kathlen Kane case

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG The release of a grand jury report outlining why prosecutors think Attorney General Kathleen Kane should be charged with crimes will create more public ...

Eric Heyl Columns

Heyl: Letting parents keep kids willy-nilly out of class an educational fiasco

By Eric Heyl
The Holocaust. No big deal, right? There’s no reason elementary or secondary school students need to know about the systematic extermination of six million Jews at the hands of Nazis, not if their parents don’t want them learning about it. ...

Luis Fábregas Columns

Share glass of bubbly champagne to restore caring, dignity, humanity to dying

By Luis Fábregas
SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Dr. Abraham Verghese is drawn to the idea of offering champagne to a  dying patient. Sounds crazy, I know. But when you hear him explain it, something about it makes all the sense in the world. Verghese ...

Joseph Sabino Mistick Columns

The real story in Baltimore’s aftermath

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
In the days following the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., some Pittsburgh neighborhoods were in flames, rumors of a race war were rampant and it seemed as if the world was coming to an end. The National Guard, ...

Tom Purcell Columns

Where’s Dad?

By Tom Purcell
I didn’t know it when I was young, but I was one of the luckiest young men on the planet. I had a father who loved me and imposed his will on me. Fathers were not considered buffoons when I was ...

Ralph R. Reiland Columns

Baltimore’s rough streets in focus

By Ralph R. Reiland
Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak writes that she went to Baltimore to get a firsthand look at how the poorest of the poor live. In short order, she got robbed and knocked around. Dvorak’s column recounts her tapping notes into ...

George F. Will Columns

Remembering the Lusitania

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON Owning a fragment of history — a Gettysburg bullet, a Coolidge campaign button — is fun, so in 1968 Gregg Bemis became an owner ...

Donald J. Boudreaux Columns

The ‘champion’ ruse

By Donald J. Boudreaux
In the insipid launch of her latest bid for the presidency, Hillary Clinton said, “Everyday Americans need a champion and I want to be that champion.” Let’s assume that Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is about practical substance rather than political cinema. ...

Whispers Columns

Heavy Boston snow lightens Kerry’s wallet

By Tribune-Review
John Kerry has no trouble flying to Kiev for a diplomatic mission, but he apparently can’t make it to Kmart to buy a snow shovel. With his home city of Boston enduring historic snow accumulations this winter, the secretary of State ...

Q & A

What would Tom think?

By Eric Heyl
Roger Beckett is executive director of Ashland University’s Ashbrook Center, whose mission is to help schools across the country foster more intensive teaching about United ...