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Colin McNickle Columns

Colin McNickle is on vacation

By Colin Mcnickle
Colin McNickle is on vacation ...

Salena Zito Columns

GOP succeeding at down-ballot level

By Salena Zito
Martina White made history Tuesday night by winning a special election for a Pennsylvania House seat — the first time a Republican won an open General Assembly seat in Philadelphia in 25 years. White, 26, became the 120th Republican in ...

Brad Bumsted Columns

Governor shedding some light on schedule, contracts

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG Last week, we told you here that Tom Wolf said he’d be a different kind of governor and he immediately started playing hardball politics ...

Eric Heyl Columns

Steel Valley elementary teachers, union violate ‘humanity’ contract

By Eric Heyl
UNITED FEDERATION  OF HUMANITY LOCAL 15120 OFFICIAL GRIEVANCE FORM Grievance filed against: Steel Valley Education Association Grievance alleged: The union representing Park Elementary School teachers filed a cruel, insensitive, unnecessary and ultimately impotent grievance against Steel ...

Nafari Vanaski Columns

Vanaski: Tablet computers no cure-all for Allegheny County Jail inmates, but they’re worth trying

By Nafari Vanaski
Allegheny County Jail officials are embarking on a program that would offer tablet computers to inmates. The tablets wouldn’t allow inmates Internet access — they would only be able to tap into an intranet loaded with educational, vocational and treatment-based ...

Luis Fábregas Columns

Hospice about caring, not curing

By Luis Fábregas
The word “hospice” scares people to the point that Dr. Bob Arnold doesn’t use it when talking to patients and their families. “You think it means, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to die now.’ If that’s all hospice did, it ...

Joseph Sabino Mistick Columns

Matters of taste

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
The Latin maxim “ De gustibus non est disputandum ” was front and center last week, on both the local and national levels. Two news reports reminded us that “In matters of taste, who can say?” This is especially true ...

Tom Purcell Columns

Reasoning with Iran

By Tom Purcell
“America and the West have a historic opportunity to negotiate a nuclear agreement that will promote peace in the Middle East and the world. It will give your country, Iran, a brighter future. What do you say to that?” “Death to ...

Ralph R. Reiland Columns

Would you like some race talk with that?

By Ralph R. Reiland
Given the overwhelming backlash, it’s pretty clear that the short-lived “Race Together” campaign launched by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to “stimulate conversation, empathy and compassion” among Americans of all races was a definite flop. To “help bridge racial and ethnic ...

George F. Will Columns

Remembrance of Clintons past

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON An abscess of anger seems to gnaw at Hillary Clinton, but the reasons for her resentments remain unclear. The world’s oldest party, which governed ...

Donald J. Boudreaux Columns

What really regulates corporations

By Donald J. Boudreaux
Among the strangest notions ever to be believed by large numbers of adults is the “progressive” notion that private corporations wield vast and socially destructive powers to the extent that they aren’t regulated in fine detail by government. This notion ...

Whispers Columns

Heavy Boston snow lightens Kerry’s wallet

By Tribune-Review
John Kerry has no trouble flying to Kiev for a diplomatic mission, but he apparently can’t make it to Kmart to buy a snow shovel. With his home city of Boston enduring historic snow accumulations this winter, the secretary of State ...

Q & A

Being first doesn’t help, hurt Cruz

By Eric Heyl
John Zogby, founder of the Zogby Poll and the Zogby companies, is an internationally renowned pollster, author and political pundit. He spoke to the Trib ...