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Colin McNickle Columns

Colin McNickle is on vacation

By Colin Mcnickle
Colin McNickle is on vacation. …

Salena Zito Columns

Democrats’ white-vote dilemma

By Salena Zito
LAUGHLINTOWN, Pa. — Sitting on the back of his truck, a homemade turkey wrap in one hand and a bottle of water in the other, Mark said the Democratic Party he grew up with is vastly different from the one …

Brad Bumsted Columns

How Corbett could still win

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG — It runs against the grain, no question. But here’s how Republican Gov. Tom Corbett could be re-elected in November and make a historic comeback. It’s a theory, of course. Nine of 10 Capitol insiders would tell you Democrat …

Eric Heyl Columns

Heyl: For these jobs, let’s do the twist

By Eric Heyl
Have any experience in crisis communication? If so, you might want to respond to the help wanted ads below from agencies and organizations in need of someone expert in the art of positive spin. Be warned: If you apply for …

Nafari Vanaski Columns

Vanaski: Let’s not talk about race, police

By Nafari Vanaski
Over the years, I’ve learned that race is not a popular topic of discussion. Neither is police accountability. Put the two together, and some readers tend to abandon this ship. When they do, they let me know why. “We have …

Luis Fábregas Columns

Fabregas: ALS videos tiresome, but effective as fundraiser

By Luis Fábregas
Tom Cruise, Bill Gates, Ben Affleck, Oprah Winfrey … George W. Bush? It’s hard to keep up with the names. In the past week, I’ve probably watched more than 100 videos of actors, athletes, musicians and politicians doing the ALS …

Joseph Sabino Mistick Columns

The currency of ideas

By Joseph Sabino Mistick
Imagine the surprise if the great whale Moby-Dick showed up at a memorial service to eulogize Capt. Ahab of the whaler Pequod. And imagine that …

Tom Purcell Columns

A matter of time wasted

By Tom Purcell
It was just a matter of time for the program to be abused. I refer to the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010, which provided government employees the opportunity to do their jobs from home. Teleworking is generally a good concept. …

Ralph R. Reiland Columns

CEOs critique Obama

By Ralph R. Reiland
Bernie Marcus co-founded Home Depot in 1978, a bad economic time of rising unemployment, accelerating inflation and Jimmy Carter’s downhearted feelings of malaise. Home Depot prospered, but in an interview with Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) in July 2011, the third …

George F. Will Columns

Fed up with cupcake cops

By George F. Will
WASHINGTON In physics, a unified field theory is an attempt to explain with a single hypothesis the behavior of several fields. Its political corollary is the Cupcake Postulate, which explains everything , from Missouri to Iraq, concerning Americans’ comprehensive withdrawal …

Donald J. Boudreaux Columns

Unsustainable platitudes

By Donald J. Boudreaux
Platitudes are a poor basis for policy. The reason is that, no matter how melodious they sound, platitudes are practically meaningless. People who utter platitudes often seem to be saying something meaningful when in fact they’re merely stating the obvious. …

Whispers Columns

Peduto indulges silly side on vacation

By Tribune-Review
As the picture proves, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto knows how to have a whale of a time on vacation. Getting away from the City-County Building …

Q & A

Blame Hamas for Gaza’s suffering

By Eric Heyl
Peter Berkowitz is the Tad and Dianne Taube Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, a think tank based at Stanford University in California. He spoke …