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Who worries about income inequality?

By Donald J. Boudreaux
I’ve never worried about income inequality. It’s not that I’ve not worried much about it; I’ve not worried about it at all . Income inequality — like the color of my neighbor’s car or the question ...

Seeing with reason

By Donald J. Boudreaux
A frequent complaint about economics is that the failure of most economists to predict the 2008 financial crisis means that economics isn’t really scientific. It’s true that most economists didn’t predict the crisis, but the ability to make such specific ...

Some New Year’s advice

By Donald J. Boudreaux
The New Year is a time to resolve to break bad habits. So as we ring in 2015, here are some bad habits that I wish government would break. • Minimum-wage legislation. If government were to break this nasty ...

More choice, less democracy

By Donald J. Boudreaux
Nearly everyone takes offense at being told that his vote will not determine the outcome of an election. But taking offense to this fact is akin to taking offense to gravity or to the multiplication tables: Reality is what it ...

Significant insignificance

By Donald J. Boudreaux
In a nation of 317 million people and in a global economy of billions, each typical action of an individual can be described as “insignificant.” But significant differences separate different kinds of insignificance. Consider your most recent purchase of toothpaste. ...

Politics’ rationally irrational nature

By Donald J. Boudreaux
A political ad that ran on TV in Alabama during the fall of 1982 featured a candidate earnestly promising “More Jobs and Less Crime.” What a courageous statesman! Only the bravest of the brave would promise such outcomes. The candidate never ...

Marking two passings

By Donald J. Boudreaux
This month brought the deaths of two people to whom I owe large debts. One was my first economics teacher, Michelle Bailliet, or Michelle Francois as she was known in 1977 when I took her introductory economics course at Nicholls ...

Hayek’s Nobel

By Donald J. Boudreaux
Forty years ago, F.A. Hayek was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Science. Had this prize (created in 1969) been around 40 years earlier, no one would have been surprised that Hayek received it. In the mid-1930s the young Hayek ...

Bad arguments for good policy

By Donald J. Boudreaux
History and sound analysis supply many reasons for those of us who celebrate mass prosperity to support free markets. Yet champions of free markets sometimes offer bad arguments to support their positions. These bad arguments only damage the case for ...

Still free to choose in Hong Kong

By Donald J. Boudreaux
HONG KONG Thirty-five years ago, Rose and Milton Friedman traveled to Hong Kong to film some segments of their 10-part PBS series “Free To Choose.” The reason is that Hong Kong had then what it still has today: the world’s ...

‘Sustainable’ & superficial

By Donald J. Boudreaux
The pervasive proclamations issued by government officials, college professors, U.N. bureaucrats and Hollywood entertainers in favor of “sustainability” sound nice. But slogans aren’t solutions. Merely declaring support for a good result hardly amounts to a serious analysis of how to ...

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