Alle-Kiski Laurels & Lances

| Friday, Sept. 21, 2012, 12:01 a.m.

Lance: To the New Kensington Council and the city's municipal authority. It's obvious the city doesn't want to sell the authority, yet city fathers don't want to state why. That appears to be the reason the city continues to hide behind an interpretation of a state law that was narrowly written specifically to block the sale of a city authority in Eastern Pennsylvania. Is the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County's $32 million offer to buy the authority a good deal? We don't know and neither does New Ken, which should do some due diligence and find out what the authority is worth.

Lance: To the Springdale Council. The council is getting on Mayor Eileen Miller and police Chief Joe Naviglia because they won't provide members with a copy of the police work schedule. Simply from an officer-safety standpoint, the fewer people who know the schedule, the better. From a practical standpoint, cops don't want council members bothering them at work. We'd also refer the council to the Pennsylvania borough code, which states the mayor oversees the police department, not the council.

On the “Watch List”: Apollo's government: The borough may end up permanently on the list with its ongoing problems. Now Mayor Rich Dixon has resigned, just weeks after Councilwoman Debbie Schrecengost quit. Dixon's heart didn't seem to be into the job, so maybe it's best he left. But who is going to run Apollo? That's four resignations in a year and there's no line of people willing to step up and crawl into this hornet's nest.

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