Living the life of Malia

| Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012, 9:00 p.m.

As President Barack Obama and his “progressive” pals push forward with their plans to suck even more money out of the private economy, part of their already failed program of attempting to tax and spend America back to prosperity, a new and fiscally tawdry tale of Obama family excess has come to light.

It was in March that the White House successfully lobbied to have removed several online media accounts of daughter Malia's Mexican vacation. It was described as either a “spring break trip” or a “school trip.” Privacy and security were cited.

Malia, then 13, was accompanied by as many as 12 friends. But not only did the trip come at a time in which Americans were being warned of the dangers of traveling to Mexico — for little things like being kidnapped and beheaded by drug cartel thugs — it came as millions of Americans continued to struggle to make ends meet. Worse, the White House tried to hide the trip's price tag.

Records obtained by Judicial Watch (through a federal lawsuit filed when the government ignored a Freedom of Information request) show the cost of living the life of Malia in Mexico was $115,500.87.

It's unclear if taxpayers were reimbursed for any of the tab. But it's the latest in a long line of pricey, president-less, Obama family vacations that now total more than $1 million since 2009.

As Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton notes, it's hardly the message to be sending a nation “in these tough economic times with huge public debt and high unemployment.”

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