The Thursday wrap

| Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013, 9:01 p.m.

The New York Times reports that polling suggests a new trend of “young, liberal and open to big government.” Allow us to translate: The immature, the misguided and the ignorant of history. ... Word has come that John E. Karlin died last month. He developed touch-tone “dialing.” Out with the dial, in with the buttons. And where did this new “dialing” method debut? Why, in Carnegie and in Greensburg on Nov. 18, 1963. And the rest, as they say, is history. ... House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi continues to insist that the federal government does not have a “spending problem.” What this country needs is a good 12-step program for politicians in denial. ... Vice President Joe Biden says it's up to “the legitimate news media” to dispel the “malarkey” that the Obama administration wants to confiscate Americans' guns. Translation: Any media that do not toe the administration's deceptive line are not “legitimate.” We'll call your “malarkey,” Mr. Vice President, and raise it with a “buncombe.” ... The Guardian newspaper reminds that in 1271, the College of Cardinals took 33 months to elect Pope Gregory X. And that only after the citizenry of Viterbo persuaded the local gendarmes “to lock the cardinals in a fortress, cut their food rations and remove the roof of the fortress to expose them to the elements.” Perhaps the American citizenry should use the same tactic to extract bona fide spending cuts from congressional Democrats.

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