Calling out the White House: Woodward exposes more Obama lies

| Saturday, March 2, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Lost in all of the manufactured media frenzy over whether a top White House official threatened veteran reporter Bob Woodward for his reporting on sequestration is this fundamental fact:

The White House lied. Again.

Mr. Woodward, The Washington Post reporter/editor of Watergate fame, had the audacity to write that sequestration was President Obama's idea and that the administration had “moved the goal posts” in budget negotiations. That is, the White House insisted on higher taxes to offset budget cuts, which wasn't part of the original deal.

The truth bites. And Woodward's reporting bit Mr. Obama right in the behind and right in the middle of the president's anti-sequestration propaganda tour. The other truth exposed anew is that when called on the carpet, the Obama administration's default position is to lie.

Now, back to Woodward.

As “threats” go, the email words of top presidential economic adviser Gene Sperling weren't very threatening, especially when the email exchange is considered in its full context. That said, this administration, quite thin-skinned, does have a thuggish habit of attempting to intimidate reporters and news organizations with whose reporting it takes umbrage.

In this case, however, the Obama camp went an ugly step further when former senior adviser David Plouffe tweeted disparaging remarks about Woodward.

But again, the bottom line is that this president and this administration will say anything at any time to anyone to pursue any end. And do give Bob Woodward, a liberal, credit for speaking truth to blatant liberal lies.

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