Our Afghan 'friends' Part I: A delusional nut

| Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Never advisable, America's reliance on Afghan President Hamid Karzai's corrupt, weak regime as an ally in the war on terrorism looks downright idiotic now that he's welcomed new Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel by absurdly accusing U.S. and Taliban forces of colluding.

Just after Taliban suicide bombs outside the Afghan Ministry of Defense in Kabul and in Khost province killed 19 total, Mr. Karzai claimed in a speech “that the U.S. is holding peace talks with the radical Islamists and the bombs were in the ‘service of America,'” Bloomberg News reports.

Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, who must work with Karzai as NATO's newly installed top military officer in Afghanistan, called Karzai's claims “categorically false” while noting he faces increasing domestic pressure as Afghans assume more responsibility for their country's fate ahead of U.S. withdrawal next year.

Retired Army Col. David Maxwell of Georgetown University's Center for Security Studies said “Karzai has gone way off the reservation” and is “an apparently delusional leader,” but America has no “other good options” besides working with him.

That's a regrettable situation that America shouldn't find itself in — yet one largely of its own making.

An Afghan president who accuses America of colluding with the Taliban is no U.S. ally. Washington long ago should have revoked ally status for Karzai and his regime — which it never should have granted in the first place.

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