Alle-Kiski Laurels & Lances

| Thursday, March 14, 2013, 8:55 p.m.

Laurel: To Arnold officials. They're sticking to their guns, for the most part, on the issue of absentee landlords. A large percentage of housing units in the city are rentals and the city's requirements for inspections, insurance information and annual fees to pay for the program are sound requirements that protect all of the city's property owners.

Lance: To texting drivers. Despite a law banning it while driving and 1,300 citations issued across the state, AAA says the practice hasn't diminished. What part of this don't you understand? Texting while driving inevitably leads to injury or death. Knock it off.

Laurel: To New Kensington officials. Twenty-four of the city's worst eyesore buildings have dates with the wrecking ball. That can't happen too quickly. Dilapidated homes are a blight, bringing down home values for responsible property owners. One caveat: Don't stop here.

On the “Watch List”: The Harmar bald eagles. While it's great that a pair of our nation's symbols have decided to call Harmar home, we're more worried about the humans watching them. Most of the curious are using a parking lot along busy Freeport Road to view the birds. With their attention focused on the nest, we fear they may not be keeping an eye on the traffic. Let's be careful out there.

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