Greensburg Laurels & Lances

| Thursday, March 28, 2013, 8:55 p.m.

Lance: To taking out the garbage. A state association of waste haulers is suing Unity to block an ordinance that requires garbage haulers in the township to register with Unity and — heaven forbid! — list their rates. This supposedly “impinges” on haulers' rights to “freely” operate their businesses, they say. And in this ideal world of trash hauling, customers' ignorance is bliss? That's akin to arguing that supermarkets shouldn't list product prices.

Laurel: To protecting Ligonier's diamond. Rather than placing boulders, “bollards” or heaven knows what else on the greenery or changing the shape of the diamond to keep vehicles from jumping the curb along the roundabout, borough officials have opted for video surveillance. That and encouraging citizens to report motorists who drive over the grass should curb damages and preserve this Westmoreland County treasure.

On the “Watch List”: The Fayette County Airport Authority. Since former airport manager Mary Lou Fast was “furloughed,” the authority's finances have been largely a matter of guesswork. The agency reportedly is behind in some of its bills, and board members say they have no idea how much money the authority has on hand. But all are certain beyond doubt that there's been no misappropriation of money or other fiscal funny business. And how exactly do they know this? What's needed is an audit — posthaste.

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