The Thursday wrap

| Wednesday, April 3, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Gather 'round, boys and girls, and learn from the spender in chief how to budget. That's right. President Obama has designated April as “National Financial Capability Month,” during which his administration, among other goals, wants to teach young people “how to budget responsibly.” Seriously. “My administration continues to encourage responsibility at all levels of our financial system,” says Mr. Obama — who has added $6 trillion to the nation's debt since he took office. Total debt per U.S. household is estimated at $53,000 (not including unfunded entitlement liabilities, of course). How much more liberal “responsibility” can Americans tolerate? ... Among lawsuits generated by ObamaCare, there's this curious item filed by the Pacific Legal Foundation: The Affordable Care Act doesn't pass constitutional muster because the bill originated in the Senate, not the House, where bills raising revenues must begin. That much was made clear last summer when Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. defined ObamaCare as a federal tax, not a mandate, The Washington Times writes. Indeed, the courts have much unfinished business with this abomination. ... And speaking of abominations, the late Hugo Chavez looms larger than life in the Venezuelan campaign of his ex-bus driver protege, acting President Nicolas Maduro, who calls Mr. Chavez “the prophet of Christ on this Earth” who left his people “the greatest inheritance of all: a free and independent nation on the path toward socialism.” Mr. Maduro is leading challenger Henrique Capriles by 14 percentage points. More's the pity for Venezuelans in this socialist stronghold that has trouble enough just keeping the lights on.

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