Election 2013: Some specifics, please

| Friday, April 19, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

During each municipal election year we issue a challenge. And each time the response is nil.

As your neighbors seek your vote in the May 21 primary, we ask them to offer you one new, creative and constructive idea for reforming local government, be it at the school board, borough or township level.

We are looking for something that will energize your community. If it is truly a new idea — and newsworthy — we'll present it in a news story, contacting opposing candidates for their responses, of course.

For example: A candidate vows if elected to hold quarterly public meetings in which he or she solicits ideas to save money or to address problems, such as rundown housing, poor roads, park improvements, enhanced police protection, etc.

Recently, Kittanning Council failed miserably in two attempts to hire a police chief. But more notable was its inability to hold a productive conversation on the matter. Everyone went home mad.

Kittanning Council members are not alone in such consternation. Inability for productive dialogue seems increasingly common, but there are people who can do it. It's up to voters to select them.

Candidates running for local office need to be up front with the voters. Each has a reason for seeking office. The days of simply saying “to give something back to the community” are over.

Taxpayers deserve specifics.

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