Sunday pops

| Saturday, May 18, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller, forced to resign in the conservative-targeting scandal, was set to leave that post anyway, as early as June. Ooooh, talk about “forceful” action, eh? ...Former NAACP Chairman Julian Bond says it was proper for the IRS to target tea party groups because they “are admittedly racist,” are “overtly political” and are “the Taliban wing of American politics.” Once upon a time, people would think before they spoke. How unbecoming. ... The IRS is not the only federal agency that targets political “enemies.” The Competitive Enterprise Institute says the EPA “gives info for free to Big Green groups 92 percent of the time” but “denies 93 percent of fee waivers requests from (its) biggest conservative critics.” We're shocked. ... German authorities say they've arrested a gent who served as an accountant for a band of Somali pirates who hijacked a German oil tanker three years ago. The New York Times says the man was responsible for the bookkeeping that divided the ransom between “participating pirates.” Wow, even piracy has gone corporate. ... The National Center for Public Policy Research is calling out Comcast for being hypocritical. The nation's largest cable TV provider has banned gun and ammo advertising but continues to run, and profit from, programs that “consistently glorify gratuitous displays of gun violence.” Hey, what's a little hypocrisy when you can have your cake and ban it, too?

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