Sunday pops

| Saturday, May 25, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., says it's “un-American” to not encourage people to sign up for ObamaCare. Allow us to translate: The congresswoman believes that it is “un-American” not to encourage the public to embrace nationalized health care, which, by many assessments, will offer worse care at a higher premium and, by any other characterization, is nothing but the creeping crud of socialism. We guess there's “un-American” and then there's “un-American.” ... “(I)t's remarkable how many people are now willing to submit to government authority without question or without much in the way of expectations,” says John Hayward, writing at He says “serfdom is making a big comeback these days.” Actually, Mr. Hayward, and sadly, it never went very far away. ... CNBC's Larry Kudlow distills the IRS scandal to its essence: “There can be only one reason for the stalled-out approval process for conservative groups. The IRS was trying to put them out of business.” He calls for the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate. The sooner the better and the sooner we'll know if we do or don't have a crook in the White House. ... Fly Old Glory this weekend in memory of those who gave the last full measure to our country, of course. But fly a second flag or display some other patriotic symbol this weekend to show the government that you're on guard — against its tyranny.

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