Dissing Israel: Kerry's blunder

| Monday, June 10, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Perpetuating a foreign-policy mistake that the Obama administration made at its outset and shows no inclination to correct, Secretary of State John Kerry has reaffirmed the regrettable view that Israel — not its enemies — presents the main stumbling block to solving the Palestinian problem and bringing peace to the Middle East.

In a stunning display of both misguided diplomacy and disregard for what The Washington Free Beacon described as “a largely Jewish audience,” Mr. Kerry, on June 3, told the American Jewish Committee's annual policy conference in Washington that by failing to reach peace with the Palestinians, Israel fuels terrorist extremism worldwide.

He backed that contention by citing world leaders bringing it up every time he meets with them. But that only proves those world leaders are as off-base as Kerry and President Obama are.

Theirs is a worldview that defies reality by blaming Israel, victim of constant attacks, for not making peace with its attackers. It ignores anti-Semitic Iran's use of its Hamas and Hezbollah proxies to ensure that any Israeli effort toward peace with the Palestinians goes nowhere.

And it leaves the Obama administration more concerned with Israel making concessions to its Palestinian tormentors than with denying Iran the nuclear means for Israel's destruction that it's bent on developing.

With that as the foreign policy of Israel's supposed best friend, America, Israelis can be forgiven for wondering if they need enemies.

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