Pittsburgh Tuesday takes

| Monday, June 10, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Come again?: The Toledo, Ohio, Block Bugler editorializes that since the Framers could not have envisioned DNA testing, swabbing the mouth of those arrested for their DNA is not a Fourth Amendment violation. Neither could the Framers have envisioned high-speed printing presses. Does this mean The Bugler has no First Amendment right to publish?

Stunning!: Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's office reports that hizzoner's city-owned SUV was a hit-and-run victim late last month. No one was in the parked vehicle at the time of the incident, believed to have happened either May 28 or May 29. What's so “stunning” about this? It at least suggests that the lame-duck mayor was at work — something not too many people have been able to verify as of late. Or at least his SUV was.

He's baaaack!: Liberal Tim Murphy, that is. The 18th District “Republican” congressman was one of six Pennsylvania GOP representatives who voted against repealing the Davis-Bacon “prevailing wage” mandate. Never mind that the GOP platform last year called for its repeal. Davis-Bacon, a sop to organized labor, inflates the costs of federal projects by billions of dollars each year. Remember this the next time Mr. Murphy says he's “fighting for taxpayers.”

Sigh: Take heart, all of you suffering from PTSD (Penguins Traumatic Stress Disorder) — the Pirates are doing relatively well so far this year. And Pirates Traumatic Stress Disorder likely won't set in until August.

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