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| Saturday, July 27, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

At least 14 staffers of the Pennsylvania State Education Association were paid at least $200,000 in salary and benefits in 2011, reports Jim Panyard, writing at Seven of them had total compensation of a quarter-million dollars. Average teacher pay in Pennsylvania is just under $61,000. Average household income in the commonwealth is just under $52,000. Remember these figures the next time these union bosses talk about “economic fairness.” ... The federal government's “renewable fuel standards” are expected to raise the cost of diesel by 300 percent by 2015 and raise the cost of gasoline by 30 percent, according to one study. Couple this with attempts in Pennsylvania to raise the wholesale tax on motor fuels (which, of course, will be passed on to consumers) and the cost of everything transported by motor vehicles will skyrocket. And everything is transported by motor vehicles. More “progressive” economics. ... University of Michigan economics professor Mark J. Perry, writing for the American Enterprise Institute, says the share of middle-class families dropped from 61.8 percent in 1969 to 43.2 percent in 2009, a drop of 18.6 percentage points. And the share of lower-income families fell from 22 percent of all families in 1967 to 17.8 percent in 2009. So, where did they go? Mr. Perry says they joined the upper-income club, which increased from 16.2 percent of all families in 1967 to 39.1 percent in 2009. Thus, the contention that the middle class “has been in decline since the 1970s ... is incredibly and verifiably wrong,” he says. It's another stat for the “economic fairness” crowd.

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