Saturday essay: Move over!

| Friday, Aug. 2, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

News item: State and local police are on the lookout for aggressive drivers on Route 30, where some motoring maniacs in Westmoreland County think nothing of cruising along at more than 70 mph.

But equal enforcement should apply to those drivers who just can't get out of their own way. To wit: the infamous, ignoble, infuriating left-lane road hogs who amble along oblivious to both common sense and the state law, which prohibits perpetual left-lane cruising.

These selfish lane sitters, typically traveling slower than the flow, refuse to move over — no matter how many cars pass them on the right. They back up traffic needlessly during peak drive times. And the upshot of their inattention? Why, aggression from drivers who get stuck behind them — if not episodes of outright road rage.

Perhaps some of these dolts mistakenly believe that it's their civic duty to slow down other drivers. But they're provoking bad driving from otherwise law-abiding citizens. And that's an accident waiting to happen.

The same applies to 18-wheelers that commandeer the passing lane for miles before making a left turn. They're driving tractor-trailers, not freight trains.

Of course, there's never an excuse for reckless driving — period. But perhaps there would be less of it, at least along Route 30, if more drivers obeyed the state's rules of the road and, for Pete's sake, moved over!

— Bob Pellegrino

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