Pittsburgh Tuesday takes

| Monday, Oct. 7, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Convenient retirement: The sudden (though hinted at) retirement announcement of Michael Moreland, the Veterans Affairs regional administrator, one of several at the heart of the Pittsburgh VA Legionella scandal, raises a whole host of questions. Mr. Moreland, 57, will leave on Nov. 1. Was it a forced retirement? Will his departure absolve him of any responsibility in the mess? Are there any special pecuniary parting gifts above his normal pension? Will he surface as a highly paid “consultant”? Answers, please.

AI on AC: The Allegheny Institute for Public Policy is blasting the Allegheny Conference on Community Development for pushing for a $2.5 billion state transportation bill underwritten largely by an increase in wholesale fuel taxes. Institute President Jake Haulk cites conference boss Dennis Yablonsky's lack of seeking quid pro quos for his support — such as eliminating transit strikes and prevailing wage laws. Asks Mr. Haulk, “Where is it written that taxpayers always have to shoulder the burden of overly expensive government projects and programs while the beneficiaries of the government's imposed excess costs do not have to make any sacrifice?” Excellent question.

Where's Luke?: Pittsburgh lame-duck Mayor Luke Ravenstahl appears to be setting some kind of record for mailing it in. Sightings are rare. His staff insists he's busy working on city business. But what city business that might be isn't known — the administration steadfastly refuses to release his daily schedule. It's a pretty crummy way to treat not only taxpayers but the office itself.

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