Looking ahead: Not enough local planning

| Friday, Oct. 18, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

Kittanning Council last week voted 7-0 (with one member absent) to pay more than $71,000 into the police pension fund. There really wasn't anything else the council could do.

Later, members voted 6-1 to give Hose Co. 4 credit for $4,500 for a maintenance expense carried over from last year. It will restore the money to the hose company's coffers when it can.

There also were some comments that the borough's finances are in pretty good shape. Some other, lesser business was discussed, and the meeting was adjourned.

For another month in Kittanning — as is typical with most municipal boards — there was no discussion about the future.

The public deserves more than the consensus that so long as we're paying our bills, we're OK.

In Kittanning, for now, the pension fund beast will be fed and a financial issue for one of three fire companies will be taken care of. But will any council member press for a dialogue on pension reform? Will there be any discussion about the efficiency of having three hose companies in Kittanning?

No, of course not. Those cans get kicked down the road.

And speaking of roads, some of the street surfaces in Kittanning are horrendous. But there are plans afoot to beautify the main street and maybe change some traffic patterns.

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