Sunday pops

| Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

The Obama administration has called on supposedly tech-savvy scholars to fix those insufferable ObamaCare websites. A pimply techno-dweeb kid all of 14 could have done the job better in the first place, could fix the mess better now and for 1264th of the cost. ... The way Washington works, mystery-no-more National Security Council tweeter Jofi Joseph, the former Bob Casey staffer fired by the White House after his identity was exposed, eventually will land on his feet — most likely as the Third Deputy Undersecretary to the First Oversecretary for Illegal Private Use of Email for Public Affairs. ... Judicial Watch reports that taxpayers will give the Baltimore Ravens $130,000 to promote ObamaCare. Considering the hundreds of million of dollars in taxpayer money that the Ravens have shaken from the public tree to date, the least they could do is promote this train wreck pro bono. ... Students at the University of Colorado Boulder have been told to avoid certain Halloween costumes. Among them are cowboy costumes. A university mouthpiece calls them a “crude stereotype.” Some folks have too much time on their hands, not to mention too much public money in their pockets. ... Seattle City Council has voted unanimously to seize a privately owned parking lot — through eminent domain against its 103-year-old owner — and turn it into a government-owned parking lot. And our “leaders” really wonder why the word “revolution” is on the tip of so many tongues.

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