Sunday pops

| Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

The Wall Street Journal says one part of ObamaCare is working exceedingly well: “The law is systematically dismantling the individual (insurance) market, as its architects intended from the start.” The goal, of course, is single-payer, socialized medicine. Consider it a “Stick it in your ear” moment for those who steadfastly scoff at the notion. ... The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has produced its first “annual” report in years. Dinosaurs do funny things when they see those meteors approaching. ... The Obama administration, not content to kill only the domestic coal industry, has effectively announced it hopes to kill the industry worldwide by not supporting new coal-fired power plants financed by the World Bank and similar organizations. Look for the administration to say it has a grand plan to boost foreign employment and generate clean energy at the same time by hiring people to blow at wind turbines. ... In the Public Interest, another one of those “social justice” groups, is out with a report dissing “privatized economic development agencies.” As if economic development should be the purview of “the state” (other than to get out of the way). What really caught our eye is that the group's report highlights, among other things, “the misuse of taxpayer funds ... questionable subsidy awards, exaggerated job-creation claims, lack of public disclosure of key records and resistance to basic oversight.” If we didn't know better, we'd think In the Public Interest was describing the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development — a government agency, of course.

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