Election postmortem: Changing times

| Friday, Nov. 8, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

Some thoughts on this week's general municipal election:

News: The nearly 32 percent voter turnout is what passes for pretty good in such an election. Then the tallies show some races were decided by approximately 10 votes.

Take away: Somehow the elected and the political activists in our towns (you remember those) need to invigorate the public's involvement.

News: Two mayors, West Kittanning's newcomer Mayor-elect James W. Sobiski and re-elected Kittanning Mayor Kirk Atwood, won.

Take away: Both these guys are showing signs that they appreciate the leadership responsibilities of a mayor. Both want to work with their borough councils — for instance, Sobiski wants to explore a police-coverage contract with Kittanning and Atwood wants to re-examine spending priorities.

News: Two Rural Valley buddies were re-elected sheriff and coroner.

Take away: Sheriff Bill Rupert is a Democrat and Coroner Brian Myers is a Republican. Both bring a wealth of experience to the jobs, and party politics did not trip up voters.

News: Newcomers were elected in several towns.

Take away: One of three new faces picked for Ford City Council was top voter-getter Kathy Bartuccio, who decried the bickering among members at public meetings. The public is tired of this pettiness. Let the word go out in all our municipalities that better creativity and cooperation must rule in the future.

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