Sunday pops

| Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

The Daily Caller reports that Miley Cyrus did something “shocking” last weekend: “She actually wore clothes” during one of those Hollywood awards shows. Well, it is the season of miracles ... Over at PJ Media, David Steinberg reports that the Obama administration has forced all 50 state Medicaid agencies to “create a new standalone database” for the express purpose of making them available to Democrat activists. The same crew that rails against “dark money” in politics apparently has no qualms about “dark ops” in politics. ... As the Trib's Deb Erdley reports, Pennsylvania does not require Pitt, Penn State or Temple to report travel and hospitality to an individual unless gifts exceed $650 in a year. Gee, and here we thought taxpayers had a right to know who the bribers and bribees are. ... CNN kept reporting how bad travel conditions were in Pittsburgh last week while showing clear highways. Even after the predicted storm fizzled, it kept touting how the city was expecting a foot of snow. Hey, why let the facts on the ground — or not on the ground, in this case — get in the way of a preconceived story line? ... The nation's banks are threatening to charge customers for making deposits if the Federal Reserve cuts the interest rate it pays on bank reserves. Dear Santa: Please bring everyone empty coffee cans and sturdy shovels so they can start making backyard deposits again.

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