Guess who supported voter ID? Nelson Mandela

| Sunday, Dec. 22, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

To “progressives” who insist that any push for voter identification is a subterfuge to disenfranchise the poor, minorities and the elderly, we present a staunch proponent for IDs, whose support should be clear even to them:

Nelson Mandela.

That's right. The late South African president championed voter ID at a rally in 1998 as the African National Congress conducted its re-election. Fists clenched and enthusiastic, Mr. Mandela is shown wearing a T-shirt that proclaims “Get an ID. Register. Vote.” in a picture posted by The Daily Caller.

Additionally, South Africa's Constitution, signed by Mandela, “supports a rigorous election integrity process,” according to Media Trackers.

Closer to home, Pennsylvania's own voter ID law is being challenged in the courts. But consider: The state law would require voters to show a driver's license, passport, military-issued card or similar identification at the polls. South Africa permits only three forms of official identification and these exclude passports and driver's licenses.

There's also no online registration, no same-day registration and no mail-in registration in South Africa, writes Hans von Spakovsky for The Heritage Foundation.

Nevertheless, “progressives” will twist Mandela's support for ensuring the integrity of the South African vote. Revisionists always find a way to rewrite history. But the very words that he thought significant enough to wear on his shirt do not lie.

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