Alle-Kiski Tuesday takes

| Monday, Feb. 17, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

Paying their own bill:It's sad the state actually had to pass a law to make this happen but careless pet owners now have to pay for the care their animals get when confiscated by authorities. Caring for abused, neglected or abandoned animals costs shelters plenty each year. Now, the responsible owners have to pay under the Cost of Care of Seized Animals Act.

Can you say “Uncle!”?: The winter that won't stop continues. Snow, ice and low salt supplies are getting old. But there's a respite on the way. Beginning on Thursday, three days of temperatures in the 50s are forecast. Yet we'll perhaps rue for what we've all been wishing, what with milder weather creating a lot of muddy messes, even more potholes and forcing river watchers to keep an eye on ice jams.

It's about time: Actually, it's way overdue. The Freeport Area School Board plans to update its social studies curriculum. Some of its course books date back to 1986 and the department hasn't had a major textbook adoption for 15 years. Students are using books that predate the Internet? Yeesh!

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